PNR – and what that means to me

As the online community has so lovingly dubbed this genre – this is the place for all those PNR series.  That’s right, the Paranormal Romance.  Or as my husband calls it, Vampire Porn.

Now, don’t let the Vampire Porn tag mislead you.  This is where I keep track of all things supernatural, and adult enough to have a steaminess rating in my reviews (which are available on goodreads and hopefully, eventually, they will move here – if I can figure out this whole blogging thing, since this is new to me, obviously).

Werewolves, Fay, Vamps, Demons, Aliens (although typically they appear as vamps who originated from outerspace like in Lara Adrian’s books), Witches, and the like.

There are a few different categories within this genre.  Or, I categorize them in a few different ways.  We have:

  1. The single female throughout the entire series (Sookie, Queen Betsy, Glory St. Clair, Garnet Lacey (ok, so in the one I just read, she and Sebastian tied the knot and there are more to read, but she’s still the primary driving character in this series), etc.).  Often these ladies have one man that they are really tied to but have one (ore more) love triangles causing them problems throughout the series.
  2. The book for each couple series (BDB by JR Ward, Midnight Series by Lara Adrian, Strange Neighbors by Ashlyn Chase, Vegas Vamps by Erin McCarthy, Darkest Series by Gena Showalter, Nightwalkers by Jacqulyn Frank, etc.).  Some of these are funnier and funner (I know, not a real word, but you know what I mean, don’t you?) then others.  And some of these, I am surprised they can sell at Borders without asking for ID.  I must admit, that this is where I have a number of great starts to a series, but as the publishers have re-categorized some of these as “urban fiction” I have stopped reading.  So… bear with me on these.
  3. The sort of PNR but sort of something else too.  These have the romantic thread throughout, and sometimes some good steamy scenes.  But they aren’t typically found in the “Romance” section at my local Borders (that’s where I go for my books so if you frequent somewhere else that lumps ’em together, sorry!).  These are the Bewitching Mystery by Madelyn Alt, Tempest Series by Nicole Peeler, Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels, Darkfever by KarenMarie Moning, etc.
  4. The stuff typically classified as “erotic”.  These are different because the story line (when it exists) isn’t the primary driver.  I admit it, I read smut.  This is basically porn on paper and is really adults only.  So, BEWARE.  Enter at your own risk (and/or enjoyment!).  While a review or summary won’t contain anything adult, these titles are definitely for a particular audience.  Joey Hill’s Vampire Servant series really fits here, Jet Mykles’ Dark Elves definitely fits here, and a few others.  I don’t read too much that fits in this category, but I don’t exactly steer clear of it either.

If I need more categories, I will add.  But that’s what you can expect off this page!  🙂


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