#4 The Midnight Heir

Main Characters:

Magnus Bane – Warlock from the MI and ID series

Will Herondale – Shadowhunter from ID

Tessa – half shadow hunter half warlock from ID

James Herondale – Tessa and Will’s son (aka Jamie)

Brother Zachariah (aka Jem) – former shadow hunter now Silent Brother.

Grace – Tatiana’s daughter and apparent interest of James.

Tatiana Blackthorn – her father didn’t have her trained as a shadow hunter.  Her son, was sick and was given the marks and died at 16.  Grace, is her daughter.  She wants Magnus to kill 5 shadowhunters.

Other characters mentioned or who make cameos: Bridget, Morgensterns, Whitelaws, Cecily, Gabriel and Gideon, Lucie, Benedict Lightwood, Charlotte Branwell

Locations: London, 1903

Main Premise:  Magnus is back in London.  Seems Tatiana Blackthorn sent for him.  He runs into Jamie and then Will and Tessa.  Jamie is a bit of a trouble maker but his parents don’t understand why.  Seems Jamie has a thing for Grace.  Tatiana wants to hire Magnus to kill 5 shadow hunters but Magnus refuses.  Magnus offers help to Grace, thinking she is captive, but according to Grace, she is her mother’s sword. At the end, there was no real adventure and Magnus seems to be headed to America.

Important Things to Remember for Later:  So, here knowledge of the way the Infernal Devices ended, with Jem becoming Brother Zachariah and the triangle that existed between Jem, Will and Tessa (and the fact that Jem and Will were parabati) is helpful.     I assume that Tatiana wanting to hire Magnus to kill 5 is going to be important.  Same assumption about Jamie loving Grace.

Review:  This was merely background for the MI and ID books.  This wasn’t really an adventure of Magnus’.


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