The Sorceress

Main Characters:  Sophie and Josh Newman, aka “the twins”; Nicholas Flamel; Perenelle “Perry” Flamel; John Dee; The Morrigan (Crow Goddess); Scathach; Bastet; the Witch of Endor; Hekate; Nicholas Machiavelli, Joan of Arc, Comte de Saint-Germain, Aerop-Enap (the Spider) and others (to be added later).

NEW CHARACTERS:  Palamedes, William Shakespeare, Billy the Kid, Gilgamesh, Cernunnous, Nereus

Main Premise: Nick takes Josh and Sophie to London to learn Water Magic from Gilgamesh – the oldest immortal, and he has no aura.  We meet an Archon – Cernunnous who is totally a bad guy.  And the Flamels and their side are still fighting Dee and the Dark Elders, trying to save the world.

Locations: London and Alcatraz

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Dee now has Clarent and Excalibur and they unite into one sword.  Billy and Machavelli are on Alcatraz and Perry has escaped.  Nick and the twins are back in San Francisco and Scatty and Joan are missing.  Perry and the Crow Goddess (really, Badb and Mach) have aligned.

(Title refers to Perry)

For more info, see the Codex at


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