Accidentally Dead

Main Characters:

Nina – an angry woman who is on her first day at a new job as a dental hygenist when she is bitten by a patient.  Patient turns out to be a vampire.  Nina swears like a sailor (a woman after my own heart) and she has a short fuse and a love for chicken wings.

Greg Statleon – the vampire who bites her.

Wanda – a friend who was trying to sell Bobbie Sue cosmetics with her before her transformation.

Marty – was her Bobbie Sue boss until she was bitten by a werewolf.  Now, Marty is one.  There werewolf is Keegan Flaherty.

Main Premise:  It’s pretty much summed up in the description of Nina.

Location: NY

Other important things to remember for later:  There’s something wrong with Marty, but we don’t know what.  Nina and Marty only really pretend to hate Wanda.  Nina was determined to think there was a way to turn back to human and that drove her through most of the book.  Greg holds sort of a position of power or importance in the vamp world.  They two of them together are hysterical.


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