For Whom the Spell Tolls

Main Characters:

Dulcie O’Neil – a fairy who was a regulator and is the daughter of the bad guy.  Also in love with Knight, the Loki who is second in command of the Resistance.  Although he really takes over as the head of the resistance since the cliffhanger from the last book was the Dulcie’s father was drugging the head of the resistance.

Knight Vander – a Loki and acting interim head of the Splendor ACN.  Also totally has the hots for Dulcie.  Turns out he, biologically, has identified Dulcie as his true mate.  He wants to rid the Netherworld of Dulcie’s tyrant of a father.

Quillan – Dulcie’s former boos at ACN and an Elf.  He was originally the inspiration for the male protagonist in the book Dulcie wrote.  He joins the resistance because of Dulcie.

Sam – a witch who helps Dulcie out, and Dulcie’s best friend.

Bram – a vampire who dated Sam.  He runs No Regrets, a nightclub.  Creepy, but not in an evil sort of way (more in a man-whore kind of way).  Also totally has the hots for Dulcie. Turns out he was working with Melchoir – and he seems to double cross Dulcie and the resistance after choosing their side.  But that is an illusion so as to not give too much away.

Trey – Dulcie’s former “partner”.  He’s a hobgoblin. He’s sarcastic and kind of a brute.  So sad that he doesn’t make it out of this book alive.

Dia – head of Moon’s ACN.  A sleepgoblin, but one of the good guys.  She’s kind of a diva, but in an awesome way.

Caressa Brandenburg – an attorney in the Netherworld and a friend of Knight’s.  She is looking out for him – or trying to anyway.

Chrisina – works for Dulcie’s father, Melchoir O’Neil.  Head of the Resistance also.

Melchoir O’Neil – Dulcie’s father and Head of the Netherworld.  All around tyrant and bad guy.


There are a few Resistance council members, but they are off to the side most of the book.  There’s also MJ, a former girlfriend of Dulcie, but she’s no real threat.

Main Premise: The Resistance is about to take down Melchoir.  They have planned and now they are going for it.  With some help from Bram.

Who dun it?  They take Melchoir out.  Bram helped pull a double cross of Melchoir at the very end.

Locations: Splendor, California and Resistance locations in various places and Bram’s home

Other Important Things to Remember for Later: It’s over.  This was the final Dulcie book.  Trey didn’t make it.  Dulcie and Vander are together.  Quill, Diva and the rest all couple off with new/other characters.  Happy Ever After for all but Trey.


To Follow.  I think.  


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