Werewolf in Seattle

Main Characters:

Luna Reynard – the late lady of Whittier House’s personal assistant. She decides to try to convince Colin, who inherits the house to turn it into an Inn. She is also half-humans and half-were. He father died before she was born and her mother died when she was 8 years old. Her mother was the human. So, despite the fact that she now lives with the staff and was with Geraldine for a year before Geraldine passes away, she doesn’t belong to a pack and she knows very little about the Were life. She also has kept her past and her half-breed status secret.

Colin McDowell – Geraldine’s nephew who inherits the house. He shows up and sweeps Luna off her feet. He also, just before finding out about Luna (because he goes on a rant that she responds to) lets his feelings that he doesn’t believe human and were markings are a good idea known.

Hector – the grounds keeper. He’s older and grouchy. Turns out that’s because he misses his mate who died unexpectedly many years ago.

Janet – the cook. And one of the ladies who becomes good friends with Luna.

Duncan – we see him only briefly (but he’s important since it looks like the next installment will be about him) but he is Colin’s brother.

Locations: the Seattle area.

Main Premise: guy and gal are thrown together, fall madly in love but think they can’t be together, have awesome sex anyway, and end up finally revealing their feelings and they get a happy ending. But… More specifically, Luna convinces Colin fairly easily that he should let he turn the house into an Inn and she should run it. He learns that she is inexperienced in many ways and is very unfamiliar with the Were way of life. and he introduces here to all of it. In preparation for her running of the Inn, they travel from the island (which is lovingly nicknamed La Floret) to Seattle for a shopping trip. There, they meet with George Trevelyan, alpha of the Seatle pack. He is a rich and powerful business man who wants in on the Inn. He also realizes who Luna is and tells her grandparents (George is Luna’s dad’s best friend and cousin) who she is. Colin convinces Luna to meet her grandparents and it goes ok. But Colin cant stay long. He needs to get back to Scotland because his brother is thinking of mating a human and Colon wants Duncan to be sure that will be the best thing. Turns out, right after Colin leaves Luna to get things started with the Inn project, George tries to run Luna away like he did Luna’s mom. We discover that he too liked Luna’s mom, but because she didn’t choose him years ago, he convinced her that Luna’s dad (Byron) who be better off if she left, so she did. And when Bryon found out she was leaving, he went after her only to be killed on the way to the airport. George wants all the power. He try’s to bully Luna into leaving, but she doesn’t let him get away with it. And Colin saves the day by returning to the island just in time to help her ensure he won’t give her any trouble.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later: I don’t think we really need to remember much. These books so far have really been like stand aloes since the characters in the next installments are usually only very briefly introduced to us. And while we hear some names from previous books, they are really just in passing and haven’t required the reader to remember much from the prior installments. But here, Duncan was going to mate a human. He believes that it is possible that Weres could reveal their existence to humans and it won’t be dangerous if done right. He decides not to mate the woman he was with. He lives primarily in Scotland from what little we learn about him.


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