Jane True

Wonderful series about Jane True, a supernatural, and her entrance into the supernatural world.  When we meet Jane all we know if that she really likes swimming and we don’t know why.   We have vampires, shifters, and all sorts of other supes.  We even get a bunch that are not your typical character types in the “sci/fi” or “supernatural romance” genre.  And, let’s not forget Jane’s libido.  It’s a character unto itself.  The artwork on the covers is also beautiful.  If I could get these in lithographs, I would frame them and hang them in my office.  This is an awesome, awesome series so far!

Author: Nicole Peeler

US Publisher: Mass Market


  1. Tempest Rising
  2. Tracking the Tempest
  3. Tempest’s Legacy
  4. Eye of the Tempest
  5. Tempest’s Fury
  6. Tempest Reborn

Extra: Something Wikkid This Way Comes

Webpage on the series: http://www.nicolepeeler.com/the-jane-true-series/


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