The Werewolf Upstairs

Main Characters:  We have the folks from the first, including a little bit of Merry and jason, Konrad and Sly and others.  The witch cousins Morgaine and Gwyneth too.  Focus here though is on Rox (Merry’s best friend), Nathan and Konrad (title character).

NEW CHARACTERS:  Roz – Merry’s best friend.

Main Premise:  Roz moves into Merry’s old apartment and meets Konrad.  Konrad is a thief who gets arrested and Roz, an attorney ends up representing him.  And falling in love with him.  Konrad gets into more trouble too when he tries to help Morgaine, who has accepted a job trying to help solve a 20-year old murder, and the ghost in the museum takes a dislike to Konrad and frames him for the murder.  All ends well though – how could it not, given the genre we are in!

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  They get Konrad off and get him back with his pack.  Roz and Konrad will be off to live in the school where Konrad can resume a place with his pack.  Chad is still hanging around.  Morgaine, who really doesn’t like to go outside, has ventured to a museum with the help of her cousin so that she could try to get Konrad off, so we know that she can with help get out of her apratment.


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