City of Ashes

Main Characters: Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle, Alec, Luke, Valentine, Magnus


Raphael – leader of the vamps.

Maia – a member of Luke’ pack.  She and Simon like each other.  But, the vamps and the werewolves hate each other so when Simon becomes  vamp it becomes a problem.

Maryse – Isabelle and Alec’s mom.

Max – Alec and Isabelle’s younger brother.

The Inquisitor – from the Clave.  She seems to be out to punish Jace for what happened in the first book (losing the cup and Valentine coming back).  She thinks Jace helped Valentine.

Main Premise: Valentine is looking for the other Mortal Instruments.  Jace ends up in the Silent City and overhears Valentine attacking and killing the Silent Brothers to get the Soul Sword.  The Inquisitor thinks Jace is involved and all the adult Shadowhunters were off looking into something else so Isabelle and Alec had to go with Clary to save Jace.  Jace ends up being held at Magnus’ apartment.  Simon becomes a vampire.

The group ends up on a boat, going after Valentine.  Clary uses her power to help them escape.  The other Shadowhunters end up helping in the battle at the boat.  Right before the Inquisitor dies, saving Jace, she sees a scar that Jace has and tells him just enough information to leave the question of Jace and Clary being siblings in question.  They decide to act as brother and sister since it’s not clear whether or not they are siblings.  And a woman named Madeleine appears a the end telling Clary that she may know how to wake her mother.

Locations:  NY City, the Faerie Realm

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Simon, after being turned into a vampire, is a “Daylighter” – he can walk in the sun, and it’s probably because Jace had to give Simon some of his blood.  Jace can leap tall heights.  The Shadowhunters are descendants of angels.



  1. Useful way to remember things about the characters of the books. I just wrote a review about City of Ashes. If you could come and tell me what you think about it, it would be really nice.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi there! Thanks for the comment. I like the review – but don’t post links to other sites in the comments here – will add your blog to my blog roll however, if you agree to do the same. Let me know!


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