So, I realized I need to add another category.  Which one?

This category will carry the likes of the Victoria Laurie, Madelyn Alt, Annette Blair, Sarah Zettel and others.  All mysteries, and most to likely have some sort of paranormal flair too.  Since, if its not something that would fit in the fantasy/scifi (which is where I lump paranormal) then I probably won’t read it.

I am starting with Sarah Zettel’s first in the Vampire Chef series.  I saw somewhere that it may only be two books, but I am hoping it will be more than that.  I am starting there because it’s all so fresh since I finished A Taste of the Nightlife yesterday.  Then I will try to catch up on Madelyn Alt’s Bewitching Series.  And, we’ll go from there!

Any suggestions on what to read here?  I admit, this is the one category where I don’t have a huge “to read” list…



  1. Please read April Henry’s books, they are amazing!
    I have read most of her books, only 2 more to go, and they are all great mysteries with a lot of actuon that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


  2. Please read April Henry’s books! I have read all but 2, and so far they have all been amazing. They have great mysteries and lots of action that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


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