Author: Lola St. Vil

US Publisher: ebook (I take that to mean self-published)


  1. The Girl
  2. The Fallout
  3. The Turn
  4. The Triplex
  5. The Quo (5 is split into two parts; this is part 1) and The Lyris (part 2)
  6. The Shoma (ditto – part 1) and Nycren

There are also two installments of short stories:

Short Stories: Book 1 and Short Stories from Book 5

Then, there appears to be a follow-up/spin off series, the Noru:

  1. Blue Rose
  2. The Last Akon

NOTE:  I am classifying these as YA – however, I understand (for I haven’t read this far in yet) that in book 5 things take an adult turn.  The author on her website  states:  “This book contains a scene in chapter 20 that is for mature audiences only. Readers can skip this chapter without missing any info vital to the plot.”  Then, book 6: “Please note chapters 29 & 30 are for mature audiences.”  Then the spin-off, first book has a similar warning.  So, I reserve the right to re-classify depending on how explicit the scenes are, and then again, I may leave them.  But, for now, my site, my rules, my choice to list under YA.


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