The Lightening Thief

Main Characters:

Percy Jackson – the hero.  A demi-god who has learning disabilities but great power since he is Posiedon’s son.  Grover is his best friend and Annabeth seems to be a great ally too.  He has a sword, from his father, which turns into a pen (and will always reappear in his pocket, magically).

Annabeth – Athena’s daughter.  Her father is a professor who is re-married and she lives at Camp Half Blood all year round.  She’s been at the camp longer then anyone.  She is very good friends with Luke and becomes a (reluctant) good friend to Percy.

Grover – a Satyr who “found” Percy at the school he was in.  He heads to camp with Percy and heads out on the quest with the trio.  He failed in his previous mission to bring in half-blood’s and so he’s desperate to make sure he doesn’t fail again, so that he can get his searcher’s license (which would let him seek the world like all satyr’s are destined to do).

Chiron – a centuar who was masquerading as a teacher at Percy’s school.  He is also the camp activities director and really, Percy’s mentor.  He believes in Percy and the trio.

Percy’s Mom – Sally Jackson.  Loves Percy dearly, even married his stepfather to help hide Percy from the monsters that might come for him as a demi-god.  Returned from the underworld by Zeus at the end of the book.

Mr. D – Dionysus.  He’s the camp director and he’s not particularly fond of Percy.  He also really doesn’t like being at the camp, but it is punishment.

Luke – Hermes’ son.  Seems to be a friend at first.  But, turns out he stole the lightening bolt at Kronos’ urging.  Looks like he will be the long term villian (with Kronos).

Charisse – Ares’ daughter.  Was beaten by Percy in the capture the flag game when he first arrived to camp and she’s bitter about that.

Main Premise:  Percy doesn’t know why he keeps getting kicked out of schools, nor does he know initially why weird things keep happening to him.  We find out that Percy is a demi-god, half human half god.  He ends up at Camp Half Blood, which is a summer camp for others like him.  Initially he is in Luke’s cabin, which is for those who share Hermes as a father and those who haven’t been claimed by a God (as one of their parents) yet.  After a game of capture the flag, we learn that Percy is Posiedon’s son.  He forms a friendship with Annabeth (Athen’a daughter) and Grover is there to help as well.  After a visit with the Oracle, the three head out on a quest.  Apparently, someone has stolen Zeus’ lightening bolt and Percy is being blamed for it.  The trio sets out to figure out who has stolen it and return it.  Percy hope that he might be able to rescue his mom along the way (since his mother was “killed” right before he landed in camp).  The trio has a few adventures (Medusa’s lawn shop where they be-head her, a Las Vegas casino which makes them forget what they are doing and could suck them in forever, the Arch in St. Louis where they encounter some monsters), and finally Southern California (where the entrance to Hades is located, naturally).  Percy speaks with Hades and manages to convince Hades that he didn’t take the bolt.  He finds it, returns it to Zeus.  Zeus, as a favor returns Percy’s mom.  Percy finds out at the end that Luke is the one who stole the bolt and there appears to be a bigger plan behind the whole situation.  Additionally, Luke hates his father and starting a war between the Gods is something that Luke (and others) think would be a great idea.

Location(s): New York, Camp Half-Blood, Las Vega, Los Angles, Denver, the Underworld, Mount Olympus

Other important things to remember for later:  Luke is angry with his father, Hermes, for lots of reasons.  As a result, he is also really very angry with all the Gods.  We don’t know where he has run off to at the end, we just know he has run off and escaped.  Kronos is out to get Percy for some reason, but we don’t know why.  The “big three” are forbidden from having children but Hades is the only one who hasn’t done it anyway.  Zeus’ daughter Thalia sacrificed herself a number of years ago for the camp and the rest of the demigods, and she became the tree near the border of the camp.  Luke, Annabeth and Thalia were all together, with Grover, when the attack happened and Thalia became the tree.


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