What’s a Ghoul to Do

Main Characters:

MJ Holliday – a medium who can communicate with the dead and see ghosts.  She has a little ghostbusters type of business that her best friend Gilley helps her run.

Gilley Gillespie – the brains of the operation with MJ.  He sets the appointments, runs the website, etc.  He’s also terribly afraid of ghosts.

Dt. Steven Sable – his grandfather supposedly kills himself and Dr. Sable wants answers because he knows his grandfather didn’t commit suicide.

Maureen – a ghost we encounter, who isn’t always the nicest.  She was pushed down a set of stairs and killed and she likes to push people down the stairs too.

Maria – Steven’s grandfather’s housekeeper.

Andrew – the deceased grandfather.

Steven Sr. – has a strained relationship with Steven Jr. because he won’t admit that Steven Jr. is his son.  The family is very rich.  He’s also into real estate and he’s looking to get the house, which was left to Steven Jr., away from Jr., so he is a possible suspect.

Main Premise:  MJ is hired by Steve Jr to solve the mystery of his grandfathers suicide. There seems to be folks after the property and a ghost in the house already who is a little violent.

Spoiling the Mystery: Turns out Maria, the housekeper, was in love with Andrew.  She killed Maureen years ago and Andrew was about to let Maria go now and she was going to kill herself.  Andrew tried to stop her and fell accidentally.  Meanwhile, Steven Sr. was after the land and he hired a goon to get it – the goon killed Willis and Maureen’s daughter, and shots Steven Jr. too.  Steven Sr. and MJ seem to be starting something romantically.


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