Betwixt: Tara Bray Smith

“So far, most of the characters have promise. With the notable exception of Morgan… we’ll have to see what happens once we get to the solstice.”

Well, that was what I thought before getting to the end. I must say that it seemed to have so much promise. But that promise was dashed. Hard. I am hardest on endings of all books – but this one was so bad that I don’t really even know what happened. It is totally set up for a sequel – but I won’t read it. I kept reading because I was waiting for this grand revelation (which sort of happened) and an ending that would at least make sense (as opposed to much of the rest of the book!)… but it never happened. I was also waiting for some great new twist on a “fairy” story… but that great new twist was a total let down too.

There wasn’t enough character development for me – don’t get me wrong, we get background info on all three of the “lings” (shot for changelings – and the “shorts” version, well, I could live without; it came across as an attempt to create new lingo in this genre and that isn’t necessary, moreover, it felt forced and new lingo needs to just happen, it can’t be forced). But the only one we really get to know is Ondine. And while Ondine is so important, why are we told over and over that Nix is the key? But we really get very little of Nix and we don’t get enough to really get invested in him. Morgan on the other hand – she would have made a great villain and it seems that she is headed that way, but then I am really not sure what happens to her. And honestly, the way she is introduced made me wonder what happened in the really short time frame of the first few chapters to take such a character – who I was sort of indifferent to and turn her into such a bit__. All of a sudden it was like the reader is meant to hate her – and I did so I had no sympathy for her nor did I care what happened to her.

I like plots where I care about what happens to the characters (even if I want the villain to get what he/she deserves, at least I care about the villian in some way – here, not so much). The story seems to have promise, but the execution of the “exidis” falls way short. And don’t even get me started on the conflict that happens towards the end – the danger they are in – my reaction was “what? huh?” at the conclusion of that fiasco and I am a pretty careful reader. I won’t waste my time on the sequel if there is one.


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