Accidentally Catty

Main Characters:  All the ladies from before and brief glimpses of some of the men from before.  Marty, Nina, Wanda and Casey we see lots of though, through their group Oops (Out in the Open Paranormal Support – and yes, there are wise-cracks about the sad little acronym!).  And we get to see a little of Darnell too (he needs a book!)


Katie Woods (DMV) – a vet who ran away from NYC to escape a bad ex-husband.  She finds herself turned into a were-cougar.

Shaw (aka Spanky aka Beck) – the were-cougar, with no memory at first as to who he is or why he’s a cougar or why is was in the animal farm.

Dr. Daniel Green – beaten in the beginning into a coma (and Wanda and Nina are accused of doing it, meaning they can’t leave town) but it turns out he’s the good guy, trying to help Shaw.  He’w working on curing a problem with the cougars’ shifts.

Esmerlda – town witch.  Katie likes her, she likes Katie, and she’s trying to help Daniel.

Aunt Teeny – Katie’s crazy adorable sex crazed chain smoking older aunt.

Main Premise:  Katie gets scratched, her Vet’s assistant calls the Oops hotline and the girls come to the rescue.  Turns out the paranormal community doesn’t know much about were-cougars, since they are really rare.  Spanky, the cougar, wakes up human and has no memory.  Everyone ends up staying with Katie and her crazy aunt (who is totally randy, despite her years).  Turns out that there’s a crazy lady out there out for revenge and she ends up kidnapping Katie and the group need to save the day.  Meanwhile, Katie resists Shaw primarily because they think they are so far apart in age (her 40s, he 20s).  turns out he is much older, just looks younger.  And, of course, they fall in love.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:   Katie and Shaw have a little one, that Nina loves being “auntie” to.  The group has all become friends.  Wanda has dedicated herself to OOPS.  The characters are really the biggest things to remember from book to book here, and we have that all detailed above and in the pages for the other books!

Review:  This will be short and sweet.  Nina is back with a vengeance, and she’s found twitter, and it’s awesomely hysterical.  When she calls it that there’s always a crazy woman involved, its great!  She is my favorite part of this series.  You have to be able to deal with huge amounts of profanity (no problem from me) to really enjoy her, but she’s brutally honest and once you get to see what she’s really like, she is written as the fiercest friend who will do anything to save those she cares about.  The relationship between Katie and Shaw is, I think, better developed here then in some of the other installments.  I love this series, it’s a great escape from reality.  It’s got romance, steam, action, violence, and all sorts of supernatural creatures.  What isn’t to love?


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