Remedial Magic

Main Characters:

Kimber – an faeirie who is desperate to learn more magic.  She’s 16 in this “prequel” and already attending Avalon U.  She has very little affinity for magic but is very smart.  She has no real friends but is hoping to figure out a way to make some.

Ethan – Kimber’s older brother.  He, however, has a natural affinity for magic.  He’s still in high school.  He tends to have lots of girlfriends, none of which he keeps very long.  Kimber is a little worried that if Ethan is around, DeeDee will pay more attention to Ethan then in helping Kimber.  When Ethan shows up unannounced, Kimber’s fears are realized.

DeeDee – a classmate of Kimber’s.  She is older then Kimber but agrees to help Kimber try to get better at using magic.  Kimber mentions that part of why she asked DeeDee for help was not only because she can get help, but because she’s hoping to maybe make a friend.

Main Premise: In this very short story we are introduced to Kimber and Ethan a little while before Dana comes on the scene.  Kimber asks for DeeDee’s help in learning a little more use of magic.  DeeDee tries to assist with a telekinesis spell – one where Kimber will move a stuffed bear across the room.  Kimber has a bunch of teddy bears, one of which has great sentimental value because it was the last thing her mother gave her before leaving Avalon.  The spell goes awry and DeeDee doesn’t do much to help.  Ethan barges in at just the right moment and undoes the magic (which according to Kimber he really shouldn’t have been able to do on the fly like that – and it underscores his talent where she is lacking).  DeeDee sees Ethan and forgets all about Kimber, leaving Kimber again without a friend and feeling inadequate because she can’t use magic very well at all.

Locations:  Kimber’s apartment in Avalon

Other important things to remember for later:  Not much as far as I can tell.  This seems to be more like a teaser story to serve as a bonus for fans.


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