#4: Psychopomp

Main Characters:

Lana – our favorite reaper with special powers rivaling only Grim.

Josie – Lana’s roommate and best friend.

Gabriel – as in the Heavenly Gabriel, Archangel and Lana’s other best friend.

Grim – The big reaper in charge.  And an angry sort.

Jenni – Grim’s second in command.  She is hell bent on getting back at Caim for the torture she went through in the last book.

Bub (aka Beelzebub) – the Lord of the Flies, demon prince.  And Lana’s boyfriend.

Maalik – Lana’s ex.  A Muslim angel who is on the council and guards hell’s gates.

Kevin – Lana’s apprentice and Josie’s boyfriend.

Jack – Bub’s manservant.

Caim – bad guy working for Seth.

Seth – Former ancient Egyptian God and leader of the rebels.

Coreen and Saul – Lana’s hellhounds.

Eileen – Grim’s secretary and a friend to Lana.

New Characters:

There weren’t really any new main characters, just a few peripheries

Main Premise: Picking up from where the last book left off, Jenni wants revenge.  Reapers are disappearing, Lana is going on all sorts of special missions.  Lana is still the keeper of the Winston secrets (and about his replacement).  And there are a few battles to get back a missing God, Hypnos, which kick-start a war.

How it ended:  Hypnos is rescued and the rebels are at war with the rest of the folks in Limbo/Eternity with a base somewhere in Summerland

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:

Josie is dead!  Bub turned traitor (not really, he is undercover)!  Hypnos is Grim’s brother (and Grim is a badass in battle).  Jack is working at Meng Po’s and is helping Lana teach at the academy.  Caim is dead thanks to Jenni.  Bub is a spy with the rebels (or so he claims).  Cindy and he were the only two who knew and now Lana does too.  Winston didn’t replace Lana’s coin which had been stolen by Loki in the last book (although he tried to at the end after Lana would have been able to contact him for help and Lana promptly told him to keep the coin) and his replacement is super strong and able to pretend to be Winston (and Winston is in love with her).  Lana is going to teach the demon defense course at the academy with Jack as her assistant and she is training with Jenni at martial arts.  Lana has 2 new transfers into the Posy unit, but it’s clear that she wasn’t a traitor.


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