The Sea of Monsters

Main Characters:

Percy – Poseidon’s son.  Here, he is at camp even though Chiron had warned him to stay away.  He is a little upset that Tyson is claimed as his half brother, but he comes to realize he’s wrong about that towards the end.  He and Annabeth sneak out of camp to rescue Grover and the golden fleece.  Grover linked mentally with Percy so that Grover can get Percy’s help.  He is powerful and is learning to deal with his powers and the fact that he is a demigod.

Annabeth – we learn that she doesn’t like Tyson because a cyclops is part of why Thalia and Luke and she had a problem getting to camp the year they arrived.  She is the brains of the group and she very often comes to the rescue.  He invisibility cap is also very handy.  At the end, she and Percy enter the chariot races together.

Chiron – the centaur who was Percy’s mentor.  He was fired because he is taking the blame for poisoning the tree.  He has some crazy relatives (the Party Ponies) in Miami, which is where he goes while waiting for Percy and others to “wash ashore”.  He leads his relatives in the battle with Luke and saves Percy.  He is also proven innocent and returns to camp with the group.  He reveals to Percy why he was blamed in the first place – Kronos is his father.

Clarisse – Ares’ daughter.  She is given the quest for the golden fleece.  Her father tells her if she doesn’t succeed she’ll regret it.  She comes to the rescue of Percy, Annabeth and Tyson at one point.  And later, Percy lets her return home with the fleece so that she can be the hero (and maybe the strained relationship won’t be so strained later?).

Luke – Trying to resurrect Kronos.  He has bits of Kronos in a golden sarcophagus.  He’s still bitter at the Olympian gods and thinks that Kronos will make a better world and will make Hermes and the rest of the Gods pay.  He escapes at the end.  Again, we don’t know to where.

(and all the others from the previous books, including Mr. D)


Tyson – a cyclops that Percy met at this new school.  Percy was his only friend, and Tyson is totally dedicated and loyal to Percy.

Tantalus – the new activities director since Chiron has been fired.  He hates the camp and the campers, especially Percy.  He is always trying to reach and eat, but his curse which doesn’t allow him to eat or drink is still in effect.  He gets sent back to Hades at the end of the book.

Thalia – the tree.  Daughter of Zeus.  She “pops” out of the tree at the end, and she appears to be the goth girl that Percy dreamt about.  She might be the person the prophecy talks about instead of Percy (but there’s no way to know yet).

Hermes – a beach bum who provides Percy with a few gifts (including a thermos which contains the winds) to help Percy on his journey.  He believes in Luke and wants PErcy to go on the quest because he is hoping Luke will leave Kronos’ side and change his loyalty back to the side of the Gods.

Polyphemus – the cyclops on the island of at the Sea of Monsters.  He captured Grover (and all the satyr’s before Grover) and has the golden fleece.

Main Premise:  Percy is almost finished another year at school and he’s almost made it out without getting expelled.  While there, he made a new friend – Tyson.  We find out not to far in that Tyson is a cyclops who is Percy’s half-brother.  The tree which was Thalia is dying.  Camp is in danger and Chiron has been fired.  Percy has been having dreams about Grover being in need of help (and he’s in a wedding dress?!).  While Percy and Annabeth know that they need to go on a quest, Mr. D doesn’t permit it.  Instead Charisse get the quest to find the golden fleece and save the tree and camp.  They need to head off to the Sea of Monsters to get the fleece from the Cyclops who is holding it hostage (and in turn luring all the Satyr’s to his island to kill them).  On the quest Percy and Annabeth encounter a bunch of monsters (Sirens included who lure Annabeth off and we see that Annabeth’s true desire is to have her family together and Luke is part of that picture, and we learn her fatal fault is hubris).  Percy and Annabeth rescue the Golden Fleece, bring it to the tree to heal the tree and save the camp.  It works so well, it works too well – it releases Thalia from the Tree.  And now the mysterious prophecy which says that the child of the big 3 who reaches 16 will have a huge impact on the Gods/Titans/Olympus may now apply to Thalia or Percy.  And Kronos’ plan, all along, it seems was to use the cyclops to lure the fleece back to camp to release Thalia.

Location(s):  The Bermuda Triangle (aka the Sea of Monsters); Camp Half Blood

Other important things to remember for later:  Hermes hasn’t given up on Luke.  Kronos is Chiron’s father.  Percy dreamed of Thalia at one point.  Grover’s mental link to Percy isn’t terminated, so they can still communicate.  Luke is still working for Kronos.  Tyson will be heading to the fires to learn the job of all cyclops – how to forge things.  Annabeth kisses Percy on the cheeks at the end of the chariot races at the end.  Percy let Clarisse head back to Camp with the fleece, as the hero.


One comment

  1. The gods of old keep having kids. Hephaestus, Ares, Apollo, Hermes, Dionysus, Athena, Aphrodite, Hera, Artemis (who, technically is a virgin and doesn`t have any kids), Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon all have children roaming the earth, stirring up the order of things and trying to keep humans from destroying themselves. These demigods, or half bloods, congregate in a camp in New York called Half-Blood Hill, where the activities are run by Chiron (the trainer of Hercules) and Mr. D, the infamous Dionysus, who is serving a sentence of sobriety for chasing after the wrong wood nymph.

    The thing is that three of these gods should not be siring any more children. Since the debacle of World War II Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon have sworn an oath on the river Styx that they would not father any more children, seeing as how their children are infinitely more powerful than the other gods. All but one has broken this oath, and one of the offspring to be born from Poseidon’s dalliance is Percy Jackson (Perseus).

    Percy, known to many reader’s from the first book “The Lightning Thief” is adjusting to the fact that he is the son of Poseidon, the Sea God. His Mother has sent him to a progressive school for troubled kids, Meriweather College Prep. Here he has befriended the school’s charity case for the year, an overgrown teenager who happens to be homeless, named Tyson. Tyson has gotten Percy into many scrapes this year because of his sensitivity, his brute force, and his ability to break down into convulsive sobbing. Everything is going fine until a game of dodge ball one gym class turns into a fight for their lives as Percy and Tyson realize they are up against a race of cannibals called the Laistrygonians, and they are saved by none other than Annabeth, daughter of Athena and friend of Percy’s from Half-Blood Hill. She takes them to the camp where all Hades has broken loose.

    For one thing the protective barrier of the camp is weakening thanks to a the Pine tree of Thalia. Thalia is the daughter of Zeus, a half blood who some years before had been changed into the tree to protect the others from certain demise. Now the tree has been poisoned and the activities director, Chiron, has been fired because of this. In his place is a starving man named Tantalus who sees Percy as nothing more than a puffed up brat. Even when Percy reveals that he has been having dreams of his satyr friend Grover and how his quest has led him into a perilous place, the Sea of Monsters, Tantalus does nothing to help Percy save him. In fact when it is revealed that the legendary Golden Fleece is on the same island as Grover Tantalus assigns Clarisse to quest for it before Percy. It is believed that the retrieval of the Golden Fleece will save the camp, but Percy is more concerned that his friend Grover may end up as a meal for the cyclops, Polyphemus, and wants to rescue him. Together with Annabeth, Tyson, and some aid of the gods the three set off into the unknown, and learn a few new secrets along the way.

    This is a fantastic sequel to “The Lightning Thief”. Percy Jackson is simply the fantasy character to watch in the next few years. This book has everything in it one can wish for. The characters are deep and flawed, the quest is compelling, the drama oozes on every page. I found that this was a compulsively readable book, one that I had a difficult time putting down in the three days it took me to read it. I marveled at the introduction of Tyson, because he is such a sweet and sympathetic character, and the connection between him and Percy is just a great touch. The mythos surrounding Thalia heats up in this book too, and I am aghast at the role she will seem to play in the following books. Even the emergence of Luke as a villain is perfect, as he is the ideal character to have as a rival, and Kronos is a nemesis to be feared in the future. My biggest gripe is that the cliffhangers, the introductions of new characters (and the implications of said characters and prophecies surrounding them) will make it very difficult for me to wait for the next book to be published… this is, for all accounts, my “Harry Potter” series that I would wait in line at midnight for. I am on pins and needles to see what Riordan dreams up next for Percy Jackson and the Olympians.


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