#3 Vampires, Scones, and Edmond Herondale

Main Characters:

Magnus Bane – Warlock from the MI and ID series

Lady Camille Belcourt – a vampire (who we see in the MI and ID series as well)

Edmund Herondale – a young boy here.

We are thrown a lot of names we will or may see again, so I will mention them too:

(Vampire) Alexei de Quincy, (werewolf) Ralf Scott, (shadow hunter) Starkweather, Amalia and Roderick Morgenstern, Granville and Chalotte Fairchild, Benedict Lightwood, Eloisa Ravenscar, Silas Pangborn, Racheal Branwell, Linette Owens (mortal), Josiah Wayland, (mermaid) Arabella

Locations: London, 1857 (during the Accords)

Main Premise:  Magnus ends up in London, to participate in the Accords.  They don’t go well as the prejudices between the Shadowhunters and downworlders is too great at the time.  We do see Edmund Herondale however, as a shadow hunter for the beginning.  We see him meet Linette Owens and he falls in love, only to not ask her to ascend.  Magnus tries to participate in the Accords, he is how we meet Edmund.  At the end, he has a loose agreement along with Camille with the shadow hunters but he chooses to leave London and let Camille and Ralf be together.

Important Things to Remember for Later:  So, here knowledge of things like the Mortal Cup and the Accords is helpful.  They aren’t explained but they are referenced.  So is a parabati and a pyxis.    Edmund Herondale was stripped of his marks to marry Linette Owens.  Magnus steps aside so Ralf can be with Camille.  But he gives her an enchanted ruby necklace that will warn her when demons are near.  

Review:  This was merely background for the MI and ID books.  This wasn’t really an adventure of Magnus’.


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