Tempest’s Fury

Main Characters:  Jane, Anyan and Blondie from the earlier books. Morrison and Jarl too. We also get a few glimpses of Ryu and Jane’s dad and Grizzie.



Sarah – the Librarian. In charge of the supernatural library and keeping its secrets. She is bound to the library. She wrote a book that was stolen that contains the start of a puzzle to help hide/discover the bones of the White.  But she is killed after Morrigan realizes that she has knowledge, that is hidden even to her.  She and Blondie we’re an item.


Locations: London, Paris and York

Main Premise: Jane and troop head to London for war. Jane has her axe and the help of the original. We learn that to prevent war, Jane needs to stop the rise of the Red and the White, the children of fire and air. Turns out, Morrigan is the Red. Most of the story is the chase through time to find out where the bones of the White are to prevent Morrigan from reviving it. but they are too late, they are unable to stop her from reviving the White. With Anyan becoming its host after Jarl is killed.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:

Blondie is killed. Karl is dead too. Jane thinks she is alone. She sort of has an alliance with the Rebels in Britain and the Alfar too but with both sides, it is tentative and untrustworthy.  The Red and White will try to destroy the world.


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