#1: Graveyard Shift

Main Characters:

Lana Harvey – a Reaper.  Not very ambitious, she tends to bend a lot of rules.  But, turns out she is needed for a special mission.  She also starts to date Maalik, an angel who guards the gates of the Muslim Hell.  Her best friends are Josie and Gabriel.  She was mentored by Saul (now deceased) and has a thing for John Wayne movies.

Josie – Lana’s business partner.  Together, the co-own the ship that they use to transport souls.  She is older (by 2 generations) and much more by-the-book.

Gabriel – Archangel.  Like Lana, not very ambitious.  Gets in a lot of trouble in Heaven.  Is kind of a boozer.  And best friends with Lana.

Maalik – one of the newest council members.  He and Lana start dating.  He gives her two hellhound puppies (promptly named Colleen and Saul).  Is well intentioned but over bearing.  He knows that Lana is special – and has a special ability.

Grim – as in the Grim Reaper.  He rules Eternity and keeps order while his reapers collect souls and sends them to their appropriate after life.  He is the only other reaper like Lana who can see the potency of a soul.  He also has a secret – how he has managed to keep peace in Eternity.  He has been relying on Khadijah to manage the soul matter.  But she needs to retire, that’s why she gifted Lana.  And Grim and Khadijah both need Lana to find Khadijah’s successor or risk war in Eternity.

Seth – former Egyptian God and out to take over Eternity.

Horus -former Egyptian God and current member of the Afterlife Council.  He is basically on Lana’s side.

Annubis – former Egyptian God and he is basically on Lana’s side.

Main Premise:  Reapers transport souls from the human realm to their appropriate place in the afterlife, based on their faith.  All faith’s were true and each has a portion of real estate in Eternity, with Limbo being the city the reapers and certain souls live in.  Turns out the Grim reaper, in charge of it all really, has a non-voting seat on a council made up of representatives of various faiths, but he really runs things and keeps peace.  He is also one of the very few who know that for everything to work and stay balanced and not see the representatives of the various faiths at war, there is an original believer who takes the souls’ energy and keep things in balance.  Lana is also special in that she was created by the woman on the throne to help find her replacement.  But she is a special reaper, only Grim has powers like hers (and Lana didn’t know she was special until now).  She is sent on a mission to find the replacement soul.

Locations: Eternity – all the various heavens and hells of the various religions, Earth and Limbo

How it Ended: Lana found the soul – Winston (who is actually a favorite descendant of Horus as his soul is King Tut, reincarnated).

Other Important Things to Remember for Later: Coming soon!