Accidentally Dead, Again

Main Characters:  Nina, Wanda, Marty, Archibald, Darnell

New Characters: Sam and Phoebe.  Phoebe is Nina’s half sister, who has been diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s so she seeks out Nina.  Sam in an FBI agent, undercover at O-Tech (a pesticide firm), who accidentally gets turned into a vamp and then after finding himself in drag, I mean a Halloween costume, on the steps of OOPS  accidentally bites Phoebe too.  Sam and Phoebe are the couple of the book.

Main Premise: Sam, while at OOPS even though he’s not sure how he got there, bites Phoebe.  Phoebe came to OOPS to tell Nina that she existed since they have the same Dad but Nina didn’t know about Phoebe.  While our gang is trying to sort things out, another vamp shows up and it turns out that she is infected with some scary disease that turns vamps to dust.  And it looks like Sam and therefore Phoebe will meet the same tragic end.  Through some sleuthing, we learn that there are people getting turned into vamps and experimented on.  And it looks like O-Tec is involved.  Phoebe had been asked to participate in a clinical trial since she was so similar to the other victims and she heads off to get info to stop this.  There, she sees some disturbing things.  The truth about Sam being undercover almost blows up.  Phoebe has another sister Penny she is trying to protect.  And all the while, the disease is some ancient disease that can wipe out vamps.  After much to-do, we learn that Marty’s half brother Terrance Bradford Douglas was behind it.  With Alana – who had wanted Keegan all to herself too.  Phoebe gets the last vial of cure so to save Sam she has Sam bite her – which means they are half-way to being mated forever.  The gang destroy the formula.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  There is an epilogue in this installment like with Accidentally Catty, but it’s really more to demonstrate the happily ever after of our couple.  Things that might be important later…?  Sam started an investigation agency, so maybe we see the need for his firm in later books.  Phoebe and Penny and Nina and Lous are a family.  Alana was taken off to be dealt with by the clan.


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