A Werewolf in Manhattan

Main Characters:

Emma Gavin- a romance writer who writes about Werewolves.  When she is a little too close to the truth in her books, Aidan has to try to figure out if she has an inside source.

Aidan Wallace – head of Wallace’s securities.  A rich, handsome, intelligent Werewolf.  He is tasked with figuring out who Emma’s source is but he falls for her.

Roarke Wallace – Aiden’s younger brother.

Fiona and Howard (Aiden’s parents), Betty (Emma’s mom), Nadia Henderson (Theo’s brother and the woman who was originally betrothed to Aidan), Theo Henderson (son of the leader of Chicago’s biggest Were family, he threatens Emma and wants to out the Were’s), Jenny (works for Emma’s publisher).

Main Premise:  When Emma’s romance books appear to be too close to the truth, and outing the Were’s who have stayed hidden, Aidan becomes responsible for figuring out what is going on.  Turns out she doesn’t have a source but she is being threatened.  And the kook threatening her, and threatening to prove he’s a werewolf, is the son of the head of the Chicago powerful Henderson family.  So, Aidan accompanies Emma to Chicago.  And they fall in love.  Not before Theo outs himself and Aidan needs to shift to protect her.  Nadia is cool with Emma and agrees that she’s not willing to sacrifice love for her family and bows out from mating with Aidan.  And Aidan’s parents (his mother mostly) agree that Aidan should mate with Emma.  They get married in the epilogue.

Locations:  New York; Chicago

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Emma sees a picture in Aidan’s home with some extended family – namely, the Gentry’s.  Roarke is a professor.  The Were’s want to stay secret.

Review:  This series is in the same vein as Strange Neighbors, Vegas Vamps, and the like.  We have a couple falling in love and theres a story but it’s not based on some great big bad evil.

I liked the pair that was created.  And the character development was decent for this type of book.  It was a great fantasy that was created.  And so far, a very nice cast of supporting characters in the family.  I expect we will see Roarke and Nadia and maybe others too.  There was decent comic relief – Emma found a sense of humor in Aidan and it was fun to read.  One of the nice things about this particular book is that we see the pair get together relatively early on in the book and there’s some nice steam through out – we aren’t waiting until the end when they finally realize they can be together before they hook up.  (I mean, this is in the romance genre afterall.)

The story isn’t anything especially different or unique.  These PNR all seem to follow a very familiar formula.  But the dialogue and interaction between the characters is good, and I felt like I was rooting for them to end up together.  So, it was the nice little escape from reality that I am looking for when I read these.  I will definitely pick up he next installment in October!


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