Malice in Wonderland

Main Characters:

Dulcie O’Neil – a fairy who works a cop of sorts, monitoring other paranormal creatures.  She is also an aspiring writer, trying to write a romance novel.  She is now working with the resistance to rid the wold of her father.

Knight Vander – a Loki and acting interim head of the Splendor ACN.  Also totally has the hots for Dulcie.  Turns out he, biologically, has identified Dulcie as his true mate.

Quillan – Dulcie’s former boos at ACN and an Elf.  He was originally the inspiration for the male protagonist in the book Dulcie wrote.  Now, a fugitive on the run (although not really running as he is the top of the totem pole in some criminal circles now).

Sam – a witch who helps Dulcie out, and Dulcie’s best friend.  She also works for ACN.

Bram – a vampire who dated Sam.  He runs No Regrets, a nightclub.  Creepy, but not in an evil sort of way (more in a man-whore kind of way).  Also totally has the hots for Dulcie. And he helped Dulcie get to the Netherworld in the last book and has a deal with Dulcie (about getting 5 dinners from her) – this was required to get him to agree to take her.

Trey – Dulcie’s former “partner”.  He’s a hobgoblin. He’s sarcastic and kind of a brute.  Also kind of a nerd and lonely and dog sitting for Dulcie.

Dia – head of Moon’s ACN.  A sleepgoblin, but one of the good guys.  She’s kind of a diva, but in an awesome way.

Caressa Brandenburg – an attorney in the Netherworld and a friend of Knight’s.  She is looking out for him – or trying to anyway.

Chrisina – works for Dulcie’s father, Melchoir O’Neil.

Melchoir O’Neil – Dulcie’s father and Head of the Netherworld.  All around tyrant and bad guy.


There are a few Resistance council members, but they are off to the side most of the book.

Main Premise: Dulce has been found out.  Christina is head of the Resistance and the Resistance is planning on taking out Melchoir.  But there is a mole in the Resistance and they try to kill Knight and Dulcie.  KaD try to figure out the who dun it, Dulce hides out at Brams and get important info on what’s going on (turns out he was working with Melchoir the whole time too…) and all of Dulce’s friends have been brought to compounds owned by the Resistance to prepare for the upcoming war with the Netherworld/Melchoir.

Who dun it?  Christina is the head and the mole.  How?  Melchoir is drugging her.

Locations: Splendor, California and Resistance locations in various places and Bram’s home

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Bram chose a side – Dulcie’s.  Christina has been abducted by Bram – to help the Resistance.  Knight and Dulce are in charge of the Resistance now.


To Follow.


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