Sister’s Red

Another “modernization” of a classic.  Having been suckered into reading the Wicked Series (which I am having trouble finishing) I was hoping that the fact that this was in the YA section (versus the Sci/Fi/Fantasy section) would make this more enjoyable for me.  And, well…  it was just sort of “ah… ok” and then there is the issue as to whether this is really a series or not, but I am going to assume it is (blame goodreads for linking them as a series if it isn’t).  But, from reading the synopsis of book #2 and #3, I am only convinced that they are related (that is, take place in the same world, but there aren’t necessarily overlap of characters, which is usually what I would require to consider them part of the same series).  Then again, I haven’t read the others yet, so I could be wrong… only time will tell since #2 has an expected publication date of August 2011.

And, despite my review where I say I might not read the others, I probably will since as I have said before, I can’t stay away from the serials, even bad ones!

So why is this book the next added?  Because it is still really fresh in my memory!  And given that this whole little blog experiment is meant as an aid to my memory… well… that should be all that has to be said!

Author: Jackson Pearce

US Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


  1. Sister’s Red
  2. Sweetly (August 2011)
  3. Fathomless (no info other than a mention on goodreads in the synopsis for Sweetly)

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