#1 Flirt with a NW

Full title:  How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf

Main Characters:

Mo Wenstein – our human female.  Moving to Grundy Alaska from Mississippi to escape her current life (break-up with a fiance, overbearing hippy parents, etc.)

Cooper – an alpha who lives away from his pack after something happened in his past with the pack.

Alan – the park ranger who likes Mo.

Maggie – Coper’s younger sister.

Evie – Mo’s boss, friend, and Cooper’s cousin.  Although she is from a “dead line”.

Buzz – Evie’s husband who gets injured, opening a spot at the bar for Mo to work.

Samson – Cooper’s brother.

Eli – took over as default Alpha when Cooper left.

Kara – Mo’s best friend from Mississippi.

Locations: Grundy Alaska

Main Premise: Mo moves to Alaska to get a fresh perspective on her life.  She meets Evie and has an instant friend.  She also gets a job working at Evie’s bar.  One night on her way out to her car, she is attacked.  And a wolf saves her.  Then, other people start to get attacked.  Cooper, turns out is a werewolf and he doesn’t have a clear memory of things when he is in wolf form.  He thinks he might be attacking people.  Mo and Alan date a  little but Mo and Cooper eventually get together.   Mo then learns that his pack was attacked and he, in order to save his sister, killed everyone from the attacking pack.  And he is ashamed of his behavior – and that is why he stays away from his pack.  Mo gets pregnant.  And, we find out that the attacker is Eli, trying to finally take over as actual alpha.  But Cooper keeps Eli from killing Mo and taking over the pack.  And Mo and Cooper get married.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Biggest thing to remember is the story of how Cooper’s pack was almost taken over by another pack, until Cooper killed all the invading wolves.  And Mo has no problem standing up to Maggie.

Review:  Another in a string of great little fun PNR reads.  I like this type – it’s funny, there’s a little bit of mystery involved, and each book can be read as a stand-alone even though its a series.  The writing is funny, the characters are quirky and like-able and you don’t need to be too serious to digest these.  The setting of Alaska is an interesting change of pace and while we get pack politics its not really the primary driver.  Even the little love triangle was just light enough to be cute but not to create a”team Alan” vs “team Cooper” type of conflict.   Not to mention, seeing Kara and Alan hit it off at the end was a nice little way to keep our characters happy.  It was also a little gutsy to kill off a character that we get to know – even though he’s collateral – since often in these books we don’t see someone we are induced to care about killed off.  It was a great balance of a little of everything, wrapped up in a nice little dose of PNR.  Let’s not forget that there a little steam here too 🙂 This meets all my criteria for being a great little escape from reality.  I would recommend this to fans of series like Strange Neighbors, Vegas Vamps, Accidental Friends, Wild About You…  etc.


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