Kiss & Hell

Ok… so these aren’t really part of the Accidental series.  But, I think it is only a matter of time before there is cross-over, so I am lumping them together.  My blog, my prerogative!  First up is Kiss & Hell, next is My Way to Hell.

Main Characters:

Delaney Markham – a medium who can see and hear dead people.  For real.  And it makes her life awful.  So she lives with a bunch of awesome dogs while trying to squeeze a living out of doings seances.

Clyde Atwell –  a new ghost who won’t leave Delaney alone.  This is because he’s supposed to bring Delaney back to hell with him.  Although, it turns out, he wasn’t really the one assigned the task – he stole the job from another Lucifer lackey.

Marcella – a demon who has managed to stay out of Hell for some time.  And she’s friends with Delaney.  The most evil thing she does – is some damage to credit cards as she shops for lots and lots and lots of clothes.

Dogs 1-6:  Delaney’s pets.  And it’s a long story as to why they are named with numbers.

Kellen – Delaney’s brother.  And he and Marcella seem to have some romantic tension between them, even though on the surface they behave like they hate each other.

Main Premise:  Delaney can see ghosts.  But she steers the spirits towards the white lights not the black ones.  And her keeping a particular spirit from keeping it’s pact with Lucifer (her step brother) pissed off Lucifer so he sends Clyve to get even.  But Clyde messes with the paperwork and gets sent instead.  And Clyde is a good-guy.  Clyve definitely is not.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Most of it is in the stuff above, or the review below (the coma being the notable one).  That, and apparently, there are ways out of a pact with Lucifer.


As Dakota’s characters go, Delaney is one of the more annoying ones. And Nina can be pretty annoying. So, that’s saying something. Clyde is one of the characters that I do like though. This also had one of the better twists – I didn’t see it coming – what was going on with Clyde. Then, there was the introduction of Marcella (who I loved and was so happy to see that the next book will be her book).

These aren’t any spectacular work of literature, but are normally fun little escapes. And despite the fact that for the first 1/3 of the book Delaney drove me bananas, it was still an ok read.

Delany, who is used to seeing spirits, starts to see Clyde and he won’t go away. She doesn’t realize initially that something is funny with Clyde though. And, since she won’t let Clyde have 2 minutes to explain, we don’t know what the deal is with Clyde being a demon not a spirit for some time. The tortured way in which we discover exactly what the deal is with Clyde and him being out -of-body and in a coma was pretty good. Additionally, the way the dead stars communicate with Delaney is pretty funny. It was a good read to pick me up from my disappointment after reading the last YA book that I really didn’t like.

All in all, I liked the book. It was a cute story, and seems to be a promising start to what I hope will be a new series (I know there is at least one “next” book seeing as I have already read it).


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