#9 The Last Stand of the New York Institute

Main Characters:

Magnus Bane – Warlock from the MI and ID series

Tessa Gray

Jocelyn Fairchild

Locations: New York, just before the MI series

Main Premise:  The Circle has formed; Valentine has started killing downworlders for his own reasons.  Magnus is sought by a young werewolf who is looking for help to keep the circle from killing his family.  Magnus sends a plea to the Lightwoods and the NY Institute but is surprised when they show up and stand beside the downworlders – but they do so because the downwolrders are innocent and they want to uphold the Law.

Important Things to Remember for Later:   Jocelyn leaves Valentine and seeks out Magnus to help her keep the Shadow World hidden from Clary.  Jocelyn meets Tessa, as Tessa is visiting Magnus, when she arrives to ask for help.  She choses the name Fray when she combines Fairchild and Gray.


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