Accidentally Demonic

Main Characters: We see Wanda, Nina, Marty and the band of merry accidental friends again.


Casey Schwartz – Wanda’s sister.  She wakes up in jail one morning and doesn’t remember how she got there.  She also now seems to have some whacky powers that she can’t explain – like the ability to shoot fire from her fingers and to levitate.  Her day job is to be the nanny to two adult little rich brats and it turns out that protecting them is what put her in the bar in the first place.

Clayton Gunnersson – a Vampire who is bonded to a demon.  And he wants out of that bond.  badly.  In attempting to do so, he accidentally spills some demon blood on Casey.  And bam!  Casey is becoming a demon.  We met him briefly in #2 because he is friendds with Greg (Nina’s vamp-man).

Darnell – our Jamacian Demon who helps Casey learn what being a demon means.  He also knows more about what’s going on and who the demon Casey is becoming is.  Helps with the exorcism thing in the end.

Hildegard – the bad demon Casey becomes like because Casey ends up wearing some of Hildegard’s blood.

Main Premise:  Well, Casey gets some demon blood spilled on her and she starts to turn into one.  She sprouts horns, has a “L” tattoo (for Lucifer) and can shoot flames from her fingers.  And it’s all Clayton’s fault.  He’s mated to a demon, who is demon with a “D” and in every sense, and she’s doing all she can to stay out of Lucifer’s grasp.  Including using Clayton.

Locations: New York

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  I think all we need to do is really go back to the details of the first book, based on the synopsis I read for Accidentally Catty.  But I will update this if after reading I realize that isn’t the case.


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