Werewolf in Alaska

Main Characters:

Jake Hunter – founder of WARM (werewolves agains random mating). He’s against human-were matches.  He buys Rachel’s caring, it is her first sale.  He ends up saving her from a bear (the bear thinks Rachel is going to harm her cub) in wolf form.

Rachel Miller – a sculpter who creates wood carvings, mostly of wolves.  Turns out she manages to carve Jake in his wolf form and she becomes a famous artist.  She has a house in Polecat on the lake, across from Jake’s cabin.  She was a veterinarian intern but gave that up to carve full time.  She takes care of the wolf who saves her from a bear attack – that wolf turns out to be Jake.

Ted Haggerty – owns the local little general store and he sells Rachel’s carvings.

Lionel – a young man who helps Rachel out around her studio.

Ann and Bruce Hunter – relatives of Jake’s.  They came to town looking to get Jake to move back to the pack because Keegan wants to step down as alpha.  They are part of a Consortium – a group of Weres who do things on their own without the council’s knowledge; it handles security breaches and other issues.  They set up a kidnapping to get Rachel away from Jake.

Locations: Polecat Alaska

Main Premise: Rachel carves wolves.  Jake is a were set against were-human relationships.  But after he saves her from a bear, and she nurses him, in wolf form, they start to fall for each other.  They form a telepathic link.  When some extended family want to take him home to be the pack alpha, they kidnap Rachel.  But Jake and Lionel rescue her.  And Jake decides home is where Rachel is.

Other Important Thing to Remember for Later:  We met a character who will play a role in the next one: Giselle.

Giselle Landry is an accountant from San Francisco who likes to ride a Harley.  Her older brother, Bryce, who is in line to be the Landry pack alpha ran off to Vegas.  His fiancee Miranda is mad and has broken things off.  Giselle was asked to be the WARM rep in SF but she declined.  She is a member of the werewolf council.



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