Eye of the Tempest

Main Characters: Jane, Anyan, Nell, Grizzie, Ryu, Phedra, Greame, Jane’s Dad, and everyone else from before!


Blondie – while we saw a little of her in the last book, we get her as a big player here.   She is an Original – “the Original” in fact.  But she’s totally on Jane’s side and is a child of the Creature.  She’s covered with tattoos which are imbued with her memories.

The Creature – seems to be a really super giant Squid or Octupus – but is also a creature much older then humans and is a child of the Earth and the Sea.  It has been communicating with Jane for a long time.

Locations: Rockbill

Main Premise:  We know that the Alfar are in search of what they think is an ultimate weapon/evil creature.  Blondie helps Jane on the quest to find it – since it’s apparently hidden somewhere in Rockbill.  Anyan and Nell are turned into a dog and infant gnome, respectively, so that the creature can keep them out of the way while it makes sure Jane finds it.  And with Blondie’s help, Jane finds the sigils and her way to the creature.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Jane is the creature’s champion and now has all sorts of super powers.  Jane was right about the magic causing the infertility – the more magical, the less fertile. Jane now has a killer magical/real axe from the Creature.  The Creature killed Phedra so Jane wouldn’t have to.  Anyan is back to normal and just when Jane and Anyan were about to… you know…  Blondie shows up to say they have to go.  The Creature also told Jane that there are at least 2 other creatures out there far worse then Jane can imagine.  Jane’s creature is on the good side – but these others aren’t necessarily.  Jane’s creature is imprisoned physically (but not mentally) forever since she had Jane destroy the sigil that would let her out.


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