#2 Art of Seducing a NW

Full Title: The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf

Main Characters:

Maggie – pack alpha now that Eli isn’t even acting alpha anymore and since Cooper still doesn’t want the position.  She manages the town and pack and is our werewolf here.

Nick Thatcher – the professor who thinks that the attacks in Grundy were the work of werewolves and he is investigating to prove that werewolves exist.  He’s the human side of the pair – he instantly falls for Maggie.

Clay and Alicia – pretending to be relatives of a pack member, they are actually the children of the alpha of the pack who attacked Copper and Maggie’s pack years ago.  Clay is causing trouble trying to take over on behalf of his pack/father.

Main Premise:  Maggie is running the pack now when funny things start to happen.  A fire in her office, her brakes are cut, attacks, and a death (which is just bad timing, not really their fault).  And even worse timing – Nick is in town to expose werewolves.  Maggie hides her true nature for him for quite some time.  Until they get into a car accident and she reveals herself unintentionally.  They fall in love, solve the mystery of the incidents and open the town up to a bunch of new characters!

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Samson likes Alicia.  The pack, now that it is the combination of two packs, is being run by Clay and Maggie together.  There is mention of relatives in Kentucky.

Dr. Anna Moder is a human, who is aware of the pack and werewolves; she treats them and helps make all the paperwork issues that might arise from lots of births and deaths and quicker than normal births ok.  

Caleb is Maggie’s cousin.  He spends most of his time on the road, away from the pack, as a not-quite-legitimate bounty hunter.

Review: This was a nice continuation of the family from the first installment.  There’s nothing earth shattering about this book – but it was another fun little installment of a series the likes of the Wild About You (in fact, there is some eerily similar things across these two series) and Speak of the Devil and Accidental Friends.  the story, like the first in the series, is a nice balance of a little mystery, a little love story, a little steam, a little pack politics, and a little more of the characters we saw in the first book.  I love when we get all that – especially more of the characters we have populating the universe – instead of it just being all about the couple.  It makes the universe so much more like-able.  Another nice little escape!  I hope there is another installment coming.


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