Dulcie O’Neil

**Note:  I am categorizing these with the cozy mysteries for now since after reading the first, there aren’t exactly racy scenes.  I have seen notes that these are paranormal romance/adult, but I didn’t get that from the first book.  If that cahnges with subsequent installments, I will move to the appropriate category!**

Author: H.P. Mallory

US Publisher: Varies (includes some kindle only)


  1. To Kill A Warlock
  2. A Tale of Two Goblins
  3. Great Hexpectations
  4. Wuthering Frights
  5. Malice in Wonderland
  6. For Whom the Spell Tolls

A Goulish Valentine (1.5)

Eleven Snipers Sniping (6.5)



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