Dark Crescent Sisterhood

There is a group of ladies, known as Sybils, who can control some of the elements.  And they fight to protect the innocent and those who are at risk from the paranormal.  Presented as an entire series, the six books so far are grouped so that it’s really like two little series within one bigger one.  The first three focus on the triad of Merilee, Riana and Cynda.  The second three on the new quad of Andy, Bella, Dio and Camielle (although Dio has yet to get her own book).

Author:  Anna Windsor

US Publisher:  Mass Market Paperback


  1. Bound by Shadow – Riana Dumain and Creed Lowell’s story.  Riana is the earth Sybil in this trio and Creed is a half-demon and NYPD Detective.  Creed works in the OCU (Occult Crimes Unit).  We are introduced to the Legion, the group bringing demons to life and the Legion is out to wipe out the Sybils and take over the world.
  2. Bound by Flame – Cynda Flynn and Nick Lowell’s story.  Cynda is a fire Sybil and Nick is also a half-demon like his brother Nick.  He also works in the NYPD’s OCU and was undercover with the Legion.
  3. Bound by Light – Merilee Alexander and Jake Lowell’s story.  Merilee is the Air Sybil and she has dreams of the future – nightmares about the end of the world.  Jake is also a demon, but he’s an Astroth demon and his fight with his demonic side is harder then the other Lowell’s fights.  The Sybils discover that the Legion has been kidnapping kids and turning them into demons.  They manage to defeat the Legion in this book.  But we are also introduced to Bela and the other members of her triad – but she’s the only one who survives.  Andy comes into her power as a water sybil and she can’t control it.
  4. Captive Spirit – Bela Argos and Duncan Sharpe.  Bela is an earth Sybil who lost her triad in the battle with the Legion.  She forms a new group  – only this time, it’s going to be a quad.  And it will be the first quad in hundreds of years, since the water Sybils were all killed.  She claims Dio, Andy and Camille for her group.  Meanwhile, Duncan is an NYPD officer hunting a friend of his, John Cole, because he thinks John is a serial killer.  turns out John is hunting the tiger/shifter demons.  When Duncan wanders into a situation, John ends up dying, but his spirit takes residence in Duncan.  And Duncan was scratched by the demons so he going to become part demon himself.  John had  a pendant that kept the demons at bay and that becomes an important factor in the rest of the books in this series (at least until the end of #6) since the quad will develop their own charms.  We learn that there are tiger/shifter demons (called Rakshasa) who aren’t all evil and can control their nature.  And there’s a coven of sorcerers who are helping the demons and they are pure evil.  At then end, Camille gets pretty destructive, and ends up transferring John’s spirit from Duncan into the body of one of the demon leaders Strada.  We meet Saul and his brother and Jack Blackmore (and we can see the thing with Andy coming a mile away!).
  5. Captive Soul – Camille and John’s book.  Camille is a fire Sybil who’s never really been able to create fire.  But, she like the rest of her group have special powers.  They learn that the projective talents that their group has is an ancient and lost (or really intentionally ignored) Sybil power which can be used to destroy the tiger/shifter demons.  We meet Ona, an ancient fire Sybil, who knows about the projective talents.  She helps the quad find their power and between her and Elana – a tiger/shifter demon who we learn was also a water Sybil and helped trap the demons the first time – the group defeats the demons by encasing them in molten metals from the earth.  But, Tarek escapes.  Sort of.  Griffen and his sister Rebecca and his coven take Tarek and have something even more evil planned.
  6. Captive Heart – Andy and Jack’s story.  Jack is no longer the FBI’s consultant/liaison to the OCU but he’s in charge instead.  And he asks Andy for help with some new murders.  She is being trained by Elana and they have a motherhouse near Greece for the water Sybil’s that are now surfacing.  Elana and Ona are living in that Motherhouse and Andy is commuting back and forth.  We meet “the Host” also known as the Fae.  They want something – turns out it’s Rebecca since she’s half fae (and royalty at that).  Griffen gets killed, Rebecca is taken by the Host.  Camille creates charms that can mask their elemental signatures.  The water motherhouse moves to its own place in the South Pacific.  Jack is injected with something that stops his aging process and heals him super fast but doesn’t seem to have any additional impact on him.  Andy has found additional control over water.  Dio loses an arm but Andy helps her realize she belongs in the quad anyway.



  1. I think I have heard of this series but never read it — do you have a rating system on your blog? I am like you, once I start a series I usually finish it even if it is not that good. Obsession I guess is what that is call. I would just like to read the ones you have found to be the best first!


    1. I don’t have a rating system. I thought about it when I started this, but my desire to be clever (and the corresponding inability to think of something clever) has kept me from putting one in place. I had an idea for a rating for the PNR (steamy factor) but my artistic limitations stopped that (I want a graphic of a shower curtain giving off steam to use, but I couldn’t find one on-line I liked and all my attempts at creating one were U.G.L.Y.!). This is an awesome series though. I would highly recommend it!

      And, I am happy to answer any questions about where in the priority things should go.


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