Accidental Series and Hell Series by Dakota Cassidy

A PNR series.  Brings together werewolves, vamps, were-vamps and demons.  Great little world with the next installment due in 2011.  So far, we have:

  1. The Accidental Werewolf
  2. Accidentally Dead
  3. The Accidental Human
  4. Accidentally Demonic
  5. Accidentally Catty
  6. Accidentally Dead Again
  7. The Accidental Genie
  8. Something About Harry (December 2013)

With a sort of related series being the Kiss & Hell and My Way to Hell.  Not sure if there are more of those coming or not.  UPDATE:  I don’t think there are, but, I am lumping them here anyway because I think it’s only a matter of time before we have cross over.  Not to mention, they are so darn similar anyway.

BTW, this is just one of many where I adore the cover art – and when that happens, regardless of whether or not I have the ebook, I always buy a hard copy for the book shelves!



    1. Sherry, I haven’t been able to figure out the release date. Goodreads doesn’t list it yet. But, the copy of Accidentally Aphrodite I have has a note at the end explaining there is (at least) one more to come. I hope that the “Accidentally Ever After” isn’t an indication that it’s the last book, the way that “happily ever after” often indicates the end…. As soon as I find out the proposed release date, I will let you know!


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