The Vampire Next Door

Main Characters:  We have the folks from the first, including a little bit of Merry and Jason, Konrad and Sly and others.  The witch cousins Morgaine and Gwyneth too.  Nathan and Chad get some page time.  Here the focus is on Morgaine and Sly.


Jules – the new super and merman.  Although he is fired at the end – but I hope we see him again.  He was pretty cool, despite his disbelief that other supernatural folks could exist.  (Pot?  Meet Kettle…!)

Lily – the shapeshifter dragon lady and prostitute.  See too is kicked out of the building, but the brief glimpses of her that I got – I adored her instantly.  I really hope we see her again.

NY Vamp Guy (ok, I am having a BAD mental block at the moment, I will add his name when I have the book in hand) – hires Morgaine to help counter a curse.  He has a “cure” sort of for vampirism.  Really, it’s a way to alleviate the symptoms.  It’s a wine that had Joan of Arc’s blood in it (there’s a sourdough bread thing there that is a little to disturbing to discuss in detail).  He gives Morgaine a case of the wine in exchange for her help.  And, she gets a vision of how he reproduces the wine (see sourdough reference) and Morgaine and Sly, with Gwenyth’s help, manage to reproduce it as “Sly Wine” for Sly.

Main Premise:  Merry convinces Jason to let her dad, Sly have Roz’s apartment now that she has moved out with Konrad.  Merry is pregnant too.  Sly and Morgaine hit it off, although at first Gwenyth hits on Sly.  Sly lets the ladies know that he is more interested in the newly made over-less goth Morgaine.  Morgaine and Sly get together, Morgaine goes off to help NY Vamp-Guy and gets the wine.  They get back to the apartment and manage to reproduce it.  They get engaged and married and Sly turns Morgaine.  They spend a good portion of the book evading Sly’s maker too.  And they get him in the end.

Other Important Things to Remember for Later:  Nathan and Gwenyth have gotten together.  Merry and Jason had a son.  Jules and Lily have been evicted (but we hope that doesn’t stick).  The “love shack” apartment is up for rent!


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