Furious Over Tempests’s Fury

Tempest’s Fury, the fifth installment of the Jane True series by Nicole Peeler packed another powerful punch.  Unfortunately, the end left me fuming.  Why?  Because I have what I think is going to be a very long wait until the next installment so that I can find out what happens next!!!

We pick up where the last one left off with Jane, Blondie,  Anyan and friends having defeated some of the bad guys as a result of Jane’s interactions with the creature.   Jane now has discovered how very powerful she and she can telepathically communicate with the creature as she is the creature’s champion.  She has a magical weapon – an awesome axm-  and she and her pals are headed to England to fight a war.  We meet a new cast of characters and learn that the politics of the territories and the Alfar in the US in some ways are child’s play compared to what’s going on in Great Britain.  Jane finds herself faced with a historical enemy u like the Alfaro because it is much more powerful. It is actually a pair of creatures called the Red and the White.

Now here’s one of my favorite parts… we get Dragons!  Yippee!Unfortunately, the dragons are the Red and the White and they were chopped into tiny bits years ago and are  out to get resurrected.  They want to take over all of the planet and crush humanity.  And, once we learn that, we are off to the races.Orr really, the race since our crew is racing Morrigan to stop the White from being resurrected while she is trying to find the necessary pieces to do the resurrecting.

I wasn’t disappointed by the pacing, the plot, the development of the relationship between Jane and Anyan, the politics of the rebels versus the Alfar (which are the leaders here) or, of course, the dragons!

James libido has only gotten more awesome in this series and now we see not only her libido but more of her virtue.  The interplay between the two of them bring some great comedic relief to all of the action that is seen.  Throughout the story Jane continues to also have a great quick wit, always cracking jokes at inappropriate times.   The way she references other characters is pretty awesome, let’s face it for the original to be referenced as Blondie throughout, is a great expression of Jane’s personality.

And the relationship between Jane and Anyan has progressed in an interesting way too.  There is quite a bit of steam in this particular installment that i found myself wondering why these books aren’t in the romance section like the rest of the paranormal kind of stuff that I love so much (especially now that so much of the paranormal romance stuff is really urban fiction with a few steamy scenes showing up here and there).  Jane True can certainly hold her own in comparison of those other series.

This series, and this installment, I think are best appreciated by PNR fans looking for a little change to the standard formula. It’s not all vamps and Weres in this series, but lots of very different types of paranormal creatures populating universe that we don’t typically see.  Jane is also a sarcastic little bundle who is so totally spunky that her wit and humor seep throughout the book into every scene. It makes her such a joy to rEd – even when she can be annoying!

We’re also certainly not short on action in this installment.  We get explosions and destruction galore!  There is a killer kick ass scene in Paris where we got to see the destruction of Notre Dame (I wonder what it is about my luck that I seem to keep finding books and series where Notre Dame takes a beating?) There is magic, death, death by magic, oh, and did I mention explosions and the destruction of some famous sites?

Jane continues to be an awesome hero.  She doesn’t really want the title but recognizes that to save the world there’re things she just might have to do.  And who doesn’t love a hero who wields a magic axe?

So why am I furious?  Because with an ending like the one we get here, I don’t want to wait for the next!  And I couldn’t even find an expected publication day so I assume it will be a while. NOOOOOO!  I need more Jane True!  I need to see what happens to Anyan!  I need to see how Jane saves the world!  I need Jane!  **stomps feet** So, I am furious that with a cliff hanger like the one we get at the end of this book I have to wait.


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