Delightful Dojo

Dojo Surprise by Chris Tougas is a delightful surprise!  Wonderfully fun to read as an adult, and cute as a button for the little ones.  My 3 year old giggled in all the right places and loved the adorable little ninjas.  The perfect balance of sto28256350ry and rhyming scheme, it was an awesome bedtime read.  The graphics reminded me of a number of current Disney offerings – I say that meaning it to be a huge compliment, by the way – and the story was just as adorable as the illustrations.

It was a quick read – like all books perfect for toddlers – but it was worth it and I look forward to reading it again.  I will admit, I can’t say the same for all books aimed at little folks like my son.  Here the rhyming was natural with the phrases easily rolling off the tongue which in turn created a fun cadence to it when read out loud.  Personally, if a writer is going to rhyme I need the words to actually rhyme – you know, sound alike – but don’t stretch it.  I don’t want to turn into someone who has to contort the pronunciation to get the rhyming scheme to continue.  Not everything has to rhyme but when the author is trying but stretches the pronunciation to get there, I am not a fan.  Cries rhymes with eyes, shock does not rhyme with amok.

The story line is also adorable – a few tiny ninjas trying to orchestrate a birthday surprise for their sensi?  Awesome!

Now I need to see if I can get my hands on the other Dojo books by Chris!  Delightful Dojo indeed!


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