Awesome, and not by Accident!

Insert multiple squeals of joy here! Not only did I get more of my favorite OOPs ladies, but it seems that there will be at least one more installment coming!  Accidentally Aphrodite by Dakota Cassidy25739683 is the latest in the Accidental Friends series.  It was filled with mayhem, mystery, danger, cranky vampires, color wheel toting werewolves, sexy Greek gods, and one poor unwitting accident victim.  And that’s not all – the biggest thing this was full of was hilarity! Reading the books in this series is nothing but an exercise in pure joy. I can’t get enough of them.

I must admit, there isn’t anything phenomenally unique about this series. Each book follows the same basic pattern: there’s an innocent and unknowing human who accidentally turns into a supernatural being of some sort through some crazy weird accident. The OOPS ladies come to the rescue (although in the 1st three, they weren’t “OOPS” yet, but that is a distinction without a difference since they were all involved in the first three as Nina, Wanda and Marty all each had their accidents), to help the victim go through the stages of turning, coping with all of her (or his, but I, for ease, am going to use her since that is the gender of our victim in this case) new abilities or powers, helping her become or get through whatever mystery/danger awaits, and then bringing her into the fold of the family that is the Accidental Friends. like I said nothing tremendously unique; they all follow that exact pattern.  Being of the PNR genre also sets up some rules that the series is governed by and those rules require the reluctant coupling of a pair and a happily-ever-after ending.   And yet, every time I pick one of this series up I find myself smiling, laughing and enjoying the latest installment even more than the previous.

In this installment we get Greek gods and goddesses. It’s a kooky little story. The author admits in a note at the beginning to twisting Greek mythology a little but I don’t mind.  Frankly, I don’t remember enough of my Greek mythology to have noticed.  The important part really was just remembering that Aphrodite is the goddess of love.  Everything else is fluff.  Quinn, our lovely lady who turns into Aphrodite, is on a trip to Greece with a friend (who happens to work at OOPS headquarters) when she finds a golden apple that is holding Aphrodite’s powers (don’t stress over why), she accidentally knicks the apple with her tea and POOF, she’s the new Aphrodite. She has some interesting powers including the ability – or rather responsibility – to work with Cupid to make matches. The previous Aphrodite’s son Kristos was supposed to be watching the Apple but got distracted and that’s how this accident happens.  Then, of course, he’s the hunk that Quinn falls for.  Let’s not forget the required  little mystery/danger which in this case is that someone’s after Quinn because she wanted to be the next Aphrodite and doesn’t want Quinn to be Aphrodite.

While this is the review and not the spoiler, as I said earlier this follows the exact same pattern as all the other books in the series so I don’t really think it’s giving anything away to say that our couple (and the mystery) works out and we get a happily ever after epilogue at the end. those epilogues are awesome.  Keep ’em coming!  And the bonus, it was followed by a little note that the next installment will be title Accidentally Ever After. Yippee!

It is getting a little harder as I continue to read the series for me to review these books however.  That is because they are so formulaic that there’s not a lot of difference between installments. However, the good part about all this consistency is that we get decent character development, we get to see the characters that we love so much already and a decent amount of them, we get a steamy scene or two (although I know I wouldn’t argue if we saw more – the last few books have felt a little stingy in that department), and we a great happily ever after. The only thing I would love to see handled a tiny bit differently, just for the sake of a little variety, is the way Nina reacts – I don’t mean the brash, bossy, foul mouthed, trash talking, bully (who is really all talk), crazy lady that is the Nina I know and love – I mean the fact that she so tough on the outside and so threatening to the newest character but then ends up being such a huge softy and becoming like a guardian angel to the new character. That’s exactly the same formula we’ve seen for the last at-least-a-few books.  Wouldn’t it be a nice change to see Nina really not like the person so so much after all and have Marty or Wanda have to make sure Nina eventually comes around or to have Marty or Wanda be the mother bear who gets more page time?  A tiny bit of variety in a few additional places wouldn’t be unwelcome. Just a thought.  Because no matter how much I love and adore this series, I don’t want it to feel tired or too repetitious. Because that’s when I will stop being as excited about the next book and I don’t want that to happen here – I adore these books!

The new title for the next installment leads me to believe there some sort of fairy-tale shenanigans going on.  I’m super excited.  An accidental prince charming?  An accidental Snow White?  An accidental Red Riding Hood?  Ooooohhhhh….  there’s so many ideas.  And, I still think there’s plenty of room for this series to grow – as I said in my review for accidental Dragon we have yet to see an accidental fairy, angel, witch, ghost, phoenix or any number of other paranormal type creatures that seem like they be really fun to write about – the notion of an accidental fairy especially, given all the mythology around what kind of troublemakers they can be and the vast expanse of powers they often have. **Hint hint.**  It had just better not be an indicator that this is the last in the series – since the “ever after” often means the end of the story/line.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again there’s nothing accidental about how awesome the Accidental Friends series is and Accidentally Aphrodite is no exception!

On a total side note – I started this review by dictating it to Siri on my iPhone.  And the first few sentences – at least of the original draft – were phenomenally amusing to see how Siri initially transcribed them. Mental note to be careful when trying to dictate words that are really sounds!


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