Shattered something alright

I finished Broken Visions, the third installment in Jessica Sorensen’s Shattered Promises.  Why am I starting that way?  Because reading this series is quickly becoming tedious.  Boring, predictable, annoying, unrefined, slow-moving, sleep-inducng, definitely not salacious (despite the warnings all over goodreads), unoriginal, dull, monotonous, corny and full of plot holes.  Those are the words that come to mind first when thinking about this book and series.  Even thinking about it to write this review is making me drowsy.

While I have added to the number of pages that I have read, I can’t say finishing this book added tremendously to what we know about these characters and the overall story arc.  I was so glad to be finished with it.  Unfortunately, it was so snooze inducing that I am  finding it hard to get started on the next book.  It’s like it sucked all desire to read anything else out of my brain.

The half book between the last and this is an important read.  While we do get an annotated version of it, some of the details do get glossed over in that summary.

But, this was so difficult that I am doing something I hardly ever do – not reading any further.  And I am not going to write a longer review – other than to say this:  it is not worth the time or money spent.  Unless I run out of books to read, I don’t plan on reading any more of this series.  Done.  Finished.  Can’t do it anymore.  And that says a lot considering I typically read even stuff I hate through to the end.  But there is just too much that I enjoy, too many authors I love, too many books I am dying to get into, to spend anymore time on this set.  Sorry.  Here’s to what comes next.  (Hint: my review of Flavia’s latest adventure – which was AWESOMESAUCE!!!)


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