Fell for the Ghost of the Falls

What an awesome quick little read. My sole criticism: it wasn’t long enough, it should be a full length story! Actually, with brothers, there’s the potential for at least a 3 book series…!

ghosts of the fallsWhat a great little world was built. The author managed to give me characters and some rules of a world in such a short time frame. I felt after 45 minutes of reading that I knew the characters, and I love them. I felt like I knew the rules of the game and the contracts of this world of ghosts and exorcising, and they were well thought out. I felt like I had a wonderful setting, the back drop of the park and the falls, and I could almost smell the pine.

The story is that we have a female exorcist. But the exorcising isn’t exorcising of demons but of ghosts. And there is a ghost, Dutch, who wants to be exorcised.

This short little story had so many things, some action, some steam, and a great little story. It wasn’t spooky, so don’t come here looking for that. But Ms. Gilman seems to be able to build worlds and write chemistry and make it flow and feel natural. It’s easy to suspend reality and dive right into the worlds she builds, and feel like you are right there with the characters. Even for a short little story like this, it feels effortless to read. It’s easy to be so captivated by the end of the first chapter that time gets lost and next thing, it’s the end of the book.

The only problem – It was too short!!!! It was too short!!! And I normally hate the little ebook novellas on principle alone, so the fact that this one won me over says something. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Gilman’s stuff, even if it’s in the form of a “.5” book (as far as goodreads lists them anyway).

I would also love to see this turned into something more….

p.s. It’s the “Ghost” of the Falls, not the “Ghosts


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