What next?

I am stuck.  I have never felt this at a loss when it comes to what to read next.  My to be read pile is an entire book case, not just a pile.  And unfortunately, there are a number of books on that shelf that I want to read because they are the next in a series, but I don’t want to read because I just am not looking forward to reading them.

Why?  Well, various reasons and they are different for each book.  I have no desire to read some of the stuff, not because the series are bad (although there are some that are not good but need to be read anyway, I am just saying that the reasons for not wanting to read isn’t solely based on my opinion of their quality), but there are aspects that are making it hard for me to be enthused.  So, any votes for what should be next?

I am taking votes for the following (and putting the pros and cons with each):

  • The King by JR Ward (adored this series when it started; now, not so much.  I can only take so much “shan’t” and mayhap”.  But I have been told the steam gets turned back up to the standards set by the first few installments.)
  • Untold by Sarah Rees Brennan (I forgot to do a page for the first!!  I can’t remember what I don’t remember!  I remember thinking it was intriguing but it didn’t strike enough of a cord for me to remember.)
  • Covenant by Sabrina Benulis (I did a page and it was so awful and convoluted I still don’t know what happened in the first; I am hoping that maybe the second will help me make sense of the first.)
  • Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (first in a series that has a synopsis that seems promising; some of the reviews on goodreads are scathing and scare me.)
  • Tempest Reborn by Nicole Peeler (Loved this series at the start; the last book was ok and I just don’t feel motivated or invested in how Jane ends things.)
  • Ghosts of the Falls by Sarah Gilman (digging her other stuff lately; seems to be a stand alone and I favor series.)
  • Weather Witch by Shannon Delany (cool because it’s set in Philadelphia but not usually a fan of stuff that is alternative history)
  • Alchemy by KJ Wignall (I remember loving the first but I think I need a break from the YA vampire)
  • Devil may Care by Patricia Eimer (first was hysterical; think this is the only other one in this series and that’s a bummer)

I will note, I need some suggestions – to fit in with the following books: Vampire Chef series by Sarah Zettel, Strange Neighbors (Ashlyn Chase), Bewitching Mystery (Madelyn Alt) and Accidental Friends (Dakota Cassidy).  These are all a little mystery, maybe romance but maybe not, and a bunch of good laughs.  Any other suggestions for series in this vein will be appreciated!


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