Bane Chronicles, take 2

bane8This is just a small update:  there are now pages for the first eight installments of the Bane Chronicles (the last 2 will be along shortly).  I don’t think I will review each of the eight.  To do so would mean I would have written more than the authors…  not to mention, while they are something to take up time, I don’t believe you are missing much if you miss these installments.  There are a few clever things, but just a few. And almost every one of them felt like they were unfinished.  Since installment 8 is really the only one that takes place in the middle of the stories we know as the Mortal Instruments, leaving so much unfinished feels lazy and like a let down.  It takes away from any enjoyment I might have otherwise found in these mini-installments.  You can see from the (lack of) depth each story is treated with on my pages how (not) important they are to the universe of the MI and ID. Read at your own risk…!


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