Accidentally Awesome Werewolf

My return to the accidental series by Dakota Cassidy is anything but accidental.  Although I do think the original discovery of the series was an accident… The latest, The Accidental Werewolf 2: Something about Harry was as fun to read as each of the 7 books before it.

I will admit, there should be a warning however; Nina’s language is not for the feint of heart.  The swearing was at an all-time high.  But, it feels totally natural.  Having gotten used to her personality over the last few books, it totally suits her and doesn’t feel gratuitous.  Not that I mind the swearing, to me they are just words and I am never offended by the use of color, but I know some people are.accident werewolf 2

This, like all of the books in the series, are quick fun reads.  Predictable in a lot of ways, but fun just the same.  The plot moves pretty quickly and while the characters come together pretty quickly too, its nice that the proposal isn’t seen after just a few days and that the wedding is in the epilogue months later. There were moments where I chuckled out load reading this, and I love Nina!  She is the best vampire ever! The author gives loyal readers little nods with the small references to previous books which are small enough that you don’t really need to have read the books for most of them, but they are there for those of us who have read the rest to notice.

The group dynamic of the ladies of OOPS and now with Mara are great too.  Each of the ladies has a nice balance of self.  Not terrible meek or weak, assertive when needed, smart, etc.  They are the type of ladies I don’t mind reading about in these books.  Plus, it’s nice in this book, and in this series, that its not always human ladies falling in love with a supe.  It was also nice to not have the whiney “I am not worthy” stuff going on in the characters heads.  Instead, here, its more about the turning, how that happened, and the mystery laced in, that makes this series a nice change of pace from some of the others in this genre.

accidental dragonOverall, AW2 gets two paws up!  And while bummed I have to wait a whole year for the next installment, I am looking for to The Accidental Dragon!  And then we will just have to see if the accidental types also seen here (zombie, witch doctor) or even a witch, fairy/fae or any number of other supes get the accidental treatment.


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