Should have skipped Lover at Last.

20131024-232550.jpgLover at Last by JR Ward was the latest in the BDB. And while some readers may have thought “at last” for the subjects of this story, the only time I thought “at last” when reading this one is when I came to the end. And I thought, “at last, no more of this crap this time around.”

For me, this was a hard book to read. I knew for some time that there would be a book coming that was dedicated to Blay and Qhuinn, and I am not opposed to them being together. But given my preferences, it was hard to enjoy this book. I think a better approach, for me as a reader, would have been to continue to have that be a collateral storyline while having another male/female couple as the primary story. And while it is typical in this genre, this series in particular, for each half of the couple to wallow in what ever reason they perceive to be the good reason keeping the couple apart, it felt like it was just too much of the same whining over and over and over and over… And when they did finally get together, it wasn’t as satisfying as it has been with the other pairs in the series, primarily, again because of what I would prefer to read. That said, the overall story arc didn’t move tremendously far forward either. But I did enjoy getting to see so much of the shadow characters. I expect we will see a book for at least one of them now, especially since they have moved in with the brotherhood. This was very much in line with the author’s other offerings, so there isn’t much I want to say about the writing or the dialogue beyond what I have already noted.

I know, short review.


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