Stop with the blogging! And the Sniffing! #Ihatetwitter

Vicki Lewis Thompson has provided us with another Wild About You novel.  I read most of the latest installment over my lunch hours, so it seems fitting I take a lunch hour to do this review! 

The latest installment takes place where?  Well, like with all the books in this series, the title gives it away.  We find ourselves and our supernatural cast in Denver at a resort where there is a conference about to begin.  It will be historic (or so Angela Sapworthy, reporter and Rita Skeeter wanna-be tells us in one of the few really annoying aspects of this installment)!  It is the first get together of international Werewolves and they are going to discuss things like working with humans and mating with humans.  Kate Stillman, leader of the group that believes in were-only coupling is at odds with Duncan (I always want to say Duncan MacLeod) McDowell the leader of the group that is pro-intermixing with humans.  They get snowbound, have a steamy night together despite all the cold snow, and we go from there.

Very formulaic in nature from the romance perspective.  Boy meets girls, they have some sort of obstacle to overcome, they get together anyway because true love trumps all.

I have appreciated Thompson’s sense of humor and light hearted approach to even the obstacles.  They aren’t usually the life threatening issue (at least not what is keeping the couple from coupling) that are in some of the other PNR books, and they aren’t the save the world scenarios either.  While there is action, which is sometimes life threatening, there is still humor and a lot of chuckles balanced with the steam.  This book continues that trend.  But…

I was not a fan of all the buzzing, barking, howling, woofing, or what ever the “tweet” equivalent was supposed to be (Sniffing apparently, yikes!  That’s just an awful “equivalent”).  The blogging by the nosy reporter got old fast.  I am not saying an author should ignore the world they live in and not adapt and use lingo or acknowledge or reference the current state of technology.  But if I wanted to read a blog, I would read a blog (and the irony of the fact that I am blogging about this is not lost on me!).  I sat down wanting to read a book – wanting to get away from the blogging, tweeting (which in concept annoys the daylights out of me).  And the characters obsessive need to bark (again, or what ever it was) made me roll my eyes and lead eventually to me skipping some of the book because I didn’t really need to read the Wild About You version of Rita Skeeter’s ramblings.  And I certainly didn’t needs all those ridiculous “Sniff” hash tags – which were just as silly as all the acronyms.  And they were silly – not funny or humorous – just silly and not worth the effort to read.

Where does that leave me?  Hoping that my lunch time reading (which is when I read this book) Summer of 2013 when installment #5 comes out is free of this silliness.  Occurring in remote Alaska, where Jake has already said internet coverage is spotty, leaves me hopeful that it will be Sniff-Silliness-Free!



    1. The series fits in with the likes of the Vegas Vampires (Erin McCarthy), Strange Neighbors (Ashlyn Chase) and Accidental Friends (Dakota Cassidy). If you have other suggestions for the light-hearted PNR, let me know. I would also say they are sort of like this genre’s version of the “cozy mysteries” – maybe I need to nickname them “cozy PNR”!


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