Accidentally Updated

Accidentally Dead, Again by Dakota Cassidy is the sixth in the Accidental Friends series.  It was a fun little romp, but thank goodness for the stuff I had put in the “Other Important Things to Remember for Later” in the page for the first book – since it’s been quite some time since the first book was finished and I would have struggled to remember who a few players were otherwise.  I updated a few of the original pages to ensure the right info is contained.  And, of course I have a page for book 6 too!

I have enjoyed the characters in this series so far.  Although Nina is starting to grate on my nerves a little.  I appreciate the foul mouth, but the gansta is a little much.  Especially since it seems that she slips in an out of it being written phonetically.  And that is just annoying.  Not to mention, her squawking about the same exact stuff over and over take up 30% of the book.  If that were reduced, this would have been significantly shorter.  Like, it could almost have been a short story, shorter.  A little less Nina would not have been a bad thing in this installment.

I also get the involvement of OOPS and the way it brings some of the characters together, but unlike Accidentally Catty, this book was almost more about Nina and Phoebe than it was Phoebe and Sam.  I read the stuff in the PNR category for the “R” in that abbreviation.  Not the relationship development between newly introduced half-sisters.

Marty and Wanda and Darnell round out our cast of characters.  And while the characters themselves represent so very much of what should be remembered book to book, to have the half brother from book one come out of nowhere like he did… to say I was blindsided by that would probably be an understatement.  It almost felt like the author was grasping at straws a little to tie that detail back in.

Be warned, while the few intimate scenes were steamy, the piece that I would expect will leave people offended is likely to be the cursing.  Cursing doesn’t bother me – I do not find it to be the mortal sin that others do – they are just words (and frankly, I could probably write a treatise about cursing since I don’t understand why “shoot” with the same exact intent as “shit” is ok, but shit isn’t… same with the “F bomb” – when the intent behind the word is the same, I just don’t get the arbitrary nature of deciding one word is ok and another isn’t… and then there is the fact that who decides why a word isn’t ok… see, a treatise) – but they are in every paragraph on every page.  So, if cursing bothers you, this book certainly isn’t going to leave you all sunshines and rainbows.

I will say that I continue to like the light hearted comedic nature that this series takes, along with some of the absurdity of the plots all with just enough of the “R” to be “PNR”. These are entertaining little books, and I can’t wait to see book 7 – which will apparently involve a genie!


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