Fifty Shades of No Imagination

This will probably be the shortest review I have ever written. And it’s going to cover two books! Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed were two books with so very little imagination it’s almost tragic. I noted in my review of the first installment, Fifty Shades of Grey, that while not great literature this at least was consistent with the type of stuff in the romance genre. The other two installments? Not worth reading the first fifty words of the second or third installments.

The author uses the same phrases over and over and over. By the time I was half way through Fifty Shades Darker, I couldn’t bear to read “don’t be mad at me”, “mine”, or “my fifty” one more time. And for “mommy porn” – with the reputation like this series seems to have earned, well, it was bordering on boring. The same phrases and lack of imagination was evident in the scenes that we’re supposed to be exciting. And the hard core that I expected based on all that I had heard, never really materialized. It just became boring to read.

So, if you are looking to rehash the same dialogue, the same arguments between characters, the same scenes, the same everything chapter after chapter, have fun. There are three books worth of it. If you are looking for something erotic and exciting and imaginative, I can give lots of other, better, and much more exciting book recommendations. The Fifty Shades Trilogy was Fifty Shades of not worth reading more than the first installment.



  1. Thanks for reading this for me! Now I don’t feel bad about taking them off my to read list. I have enough other books which I am sure will be better written, with more plot to read. I don’t really have time or motivation to be bored (and annoyed!) by a book, just to finish the series.


  2. You’re welcome Genny! I read all three very quickly – and frankly, so much of book two and three were so similar to book one that you could probably skip 70% of each and still get the gist of the story. I read them because I was so intrigued by seeing so many people reading them. Then, after having finished them, I am wondering what the big deal was. Clearly most of the folks talking about these don’t read much in the way of the romance genre. I don’t need all the books I read to be future classics, but imagination, plot, character and world building, dialogue that doesn’t make me want to vomit or roll my eyes constantly (which is a little ironic given the issues with eye rolling in 50 Shades!) are a really good start. One of the most disappointing things, now that I think about it, with respect tot his book, is that the good meaty and sexy romance seems to be thinning. So much of the good stuff has turned into “urban fantasy” and has lost the edge and the elements that made them great, that it’s getting harder to find good stuff in this genre. BDB, for example, going to Urban Fantasy made me want to scream! They were so much better when they were trade paperback.

    If the size of your TBR (to be read) pile is half the size of mine, you have your summer reading cut out for you. To bad my TBR stack is 99% YA this year. It’s nice to have a nice mix, and I just don’t see that happening. Anyway… I am about half way through City of Lost Souls… can’t wait to see what you think of that (assuming you have/will read that one) so that will likely be the next review and page posted.


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