A cliffhanger the likes of Mt. Everest!

Until I Die, the second installment in the Revenants series, by Amy Plum could challenge Mt. Everest for size based on the cliffhanger that we are left with at the end of this wonderful, awesome, incredible installment!  

Until I Die picks up right after where we left off at the end of Die for Me.  The numa’s old leader is dead, having been killed by Kate (who was possessed by a volant Vincent at the time).  Georgia is recovering, dating a musician now, and Charolette and Charles are heading out of town.  Leaving space for the newcomers, Arthur and Violette.  They are really old, together-but-not-together, and they seem to have a distaste for the humans they save.  The numa a quiet for a while, and Vincent and Kate are each on a search to make things easier for them to be together.  But they aren’t telling each other all the details (although at least they tell each other that much).  Only to have the numa under another leader and committing thefts.  Of course there’s the showdown with the new leader, and that leaves us with a killer cliffhanger!  Staring down a crevice from the top of Mt. Everest size cliffhanger.

**Spoiler Alert.  Really, like with the pages, if you don’t want to know what the major cliff hanger is, don’t read any more!**  

Is Vincent really dead?  Did Violette dispose of him?  And could Kate somehow be the Champion that the VictorSeer is supposed to find?  It might kill me having to wait a whole year for the next installment (conclusion?  Don’t know.  Haven’t seen an indication as to how many books will be in this series.)!  ‘Cuz if Kate hears Vincent talking to her, it would seem that maybe he’s just in his ghosty form… but could he be stuck that way forever?  I don’t usually use text talk, but here, OMG!!!

While some might criticize this installment for being a little slow, or the “twist” being a little obvious (it had to be somewhat easy to see if I saw it coming as early as I did), it was wonderful to see the continued development of the relationship between Kate and Vincent.  The struggle that they face wasn’t positioned as catastrophic yet was always something they did struggle with.  And, they deal with struggle with how to be together so much better than in a lot of the YA books like this.  They weren’t whiney annoying characters – they were thinking of ways to fix it and yet enjoyed being together.  It was great to see them spend time together too – so we aren’t faced with them in one instant barely knowing each other and the next being totally in love.  It’s a great change and makes the relationships feel so much more genuine then in a lot of books in this same category.

The author continues to build a universe where we learn about the supernatural aspects that we are intrigued as to what else there is to learn, yet not so in the dark so as to feel confused.  The dialogue between the characters and the smartness of Kate are also something other author’s should model after.  It is refreshing to have Kate be such an anti-Bella.  And while we can see another pines for Kate, there really is no love triangle, thank goodness.

If I have a complaint, there are two little ones.  First, I am always bothered by these books when they purport to teach a character martial arts or sword play really well in just a few short months and have it be so easy.  It takes much more work than a day or two a week to get good at it over what is less than 6 months.  Even for someone with inherent talent.  The other complaint is that it was way to easy to find the only two existing copies of an ancient book.  A little bit of a search and challenge here would have been fodder for more adventure and would have made the book a little more hefty (which I never mind… the longer the better!).

However, those two minuscule complaints aside, I loved this book.  I highly recommend it to fans of series like Twilight, Mortal Instruments, etc.  And with it ending the way it did, not knowing what has happened to Vincent, it is going to be extremely difficult to wait for the next installment.

P.S.  LOVE the cover art.  I really, really, hope that they don’t change the theme of the cover…  A green one (or other color) in the same style would be awesome.  I bought and read the e-book, but I will be buying the hard cover today at lunch, just so that the beauty of the cover can grace my book shelf at home.


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