We’d she go? Where’d who go?

I know, that what my readers must have been thinking.  I disappeared!  And ok, so Wolfman and Hollywood were talking about a “he” (and a pilot to boot), but it’s still a favorite line from a favorite movie, so…  

Well, I am happy to say, it wasn’t permanent.  Since this site is a hobby, I had to let life get in the way.  But now that I am back, I am back with a bunch.  Today, we started with the addition of a page (and brief review as seen below) of Black Heart by Holly Black, the third installment in the Curse Workers Series.  Tomorrow, Ruby Red.  So stay tuned, and I promise to not disappear like I did, at least not for any time soon!

(Oh, and p.s. if you didn’t catch that the reference was from Top Gun, go rent it!)


My really short review:  I am curious if this is the last in the series.  Seems there are some loose ends that could lead to another book – but the happily-ever-after with Lila seems to have happened, so who knows if that will be spoiled by another book.  While the first and second book, being written in the first person, was a little difficult to read, this was much easier.  I can’t say that this will be a terribly long review as the book and the plot was ok.  Nothing stellar but not bad either.  The writing was very consistent with the author’s previous works.  There was action but nothing Mission: Impossible scale.  And, Lila and Cassel, I am happy to say, seem to have found some peace.  It was entertaining and quick to read – so if you liked the first two, definitely pick this one up!


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